Depending on when you walk into the Hilton Waikiki Beach, the view changes. In the morning, travelers are greeted by gorgeous beach scenes from around the island on the lobby video wall. In the afternoon, the screen transforms, displaying four different channels so people can keep up with the news or watch sports. At night, the screen morphs again, this time displaying relaxing imagery that helps people de-stress and get ready for a fun evening.

The Hilton Waikiki Beach is getting in on a trend: Using larger-than-life LED displays to create unique experiences. Indeed, from outdoor video walls to ultra high-definition (UHD) screens that reveal every scene in sharp detail, large hospitality and retail brands are seeing the benefits of LED video walls in settings such as flagship stores, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and casinos.

Now, businesses — and even individuals — can create the same wow moments in their own spaces. Whether they tap Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One, which combines the striking large format of a commercial LED application with the user-friendly aspects of Samsung consumer TVs or Samsung’s All-In-One IAC, a more attainable quick setup LED with a built-in control box, wall brackets, speakers and décor bezels, businesses and organizations benefit from an ultimate viewing experience straight out of the box. The best part: Both options give small business owners or homeowners unrivaled picture quality and effortless operation, faster.

Here’s how The Wall All-In-One or the All-In-One IAC can transform your business or residence into the epitome of innovation.

Ease of video wall installation

The Wall All-in-One requires significantly less time to install than commercial LED video walls. For a simplified setup, the screen comes with pre-installed background plates and three to four mounting brackets, depending on the display size.

Everything you need to begin operations is included — the control box and pre-assembled mounting system, as well as built-in speakers and a decor bezel around the edge of the display — so you can focus on getting the display up and running fast. No additional purchase is required. And no need for a professional team or special equipment; installation typically takes two hours for two people. Simply mount the wall brackets, dock the background plates and hang the preset modules.

The same can be said for Samsung All-In-One IAC. The 130-inch 2K display includes everything you need to get up and running fast including Quick Build Technology, which offers simplified installation that can be completed in as little as two hours. In addition, dealing with the configuration between the control box and cabinet is no longer needed. The IAC series eliminates a cumbersome configuration process by integrating the control box so it’s built into the display, getting it up and running faster than ever before.

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Built-in components

Video walls often require separate components, which is more than just cumbersome. It can be unsightly and create clutter — a challenge when you want to project a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

Conventional LED displays have an external control box, and sometimes a cabinet that houses the box and speakers. Both the Wall All-in-One and the All-in-One IAC integrate the S-Box (or control box) and speakers into the device, eliminating the time-consuming configuration process, and fostering a neater, tidier display environment. Gone are the days of purchasing home theater components separately — and the frustration that comes with trying to configure them.

The integrated control box and speakers are especially useful in settings where space is limited, like conference rooms, and in upscale applications like yachts or vacation homes.

Set number of options

When faced with an abundance of options, “analysis paralysis” is all too common, particularly when it comes to choosing technology. There are dozens of different LED options out there. Organizations looking for a conference room display may be overwhelmed trying to figure out which option is best for them.

Without the complexities traditionally associated with LED display and video wall installations, The Wall All-in-One has a streamlined purchase path based on just two factors: size and resolution. Choose from three sizes and resolution types, without complications such as pixel pitch or configuration. And each one has awe-inspiring visuals and high definition.

Built-in Black Seal Technology blankets the screen with perfect uniformity, creating a seamless canvas for purer contrast, while an ultra low-reflective film minimizes external light reflection. Colors appear two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs with extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth, natural tone. A powerful AI processor analyzes every second of on-screen content to automatically optimize the display’s brightness and sound levels for every scene.

When it comes to the All-in-One IAC, there’s just one size and resolution choice, but it’s versatile and robust enough for myriad uses — from retail wall displays to small business video walls to high-end home video use.

Integrated software solutions

With people working in hybrid offices, boardrooms and conference rooms are ideal use cases for The Wall All-in-One and All-in-One IAC. A meeting room LED display projects a cutting-edge image that attracts highly skilled people who value access to the latest technology at work.

The Wall All-in-One comes equipped with LogiTech cam, Google Duo and Cisco Webex integrations, so video calls are easier and more collaborative. Connect and mirror up to four devices simultaneously for virtual meetings and events. Retailers that want to up their content game can also use The Wall All-in-One as a plug-and-play solution to create memorable moments for customers.

The All-in-One IAC has its own interoperability benefits. The video screen has brand- and device-agnostic mirroring so you can connect and mirror up to four devices simultaneously, making collaboration easier if you install it in a smaller conference room or retail space. It’s compatible with Apple’s iOS as well as PCs, Android, and Chromebooks. It’s also easy to videoconference since it’s Cisco Webex compatible and comes with three HDMI and two USB connections to hook up other input devices.

With The Wall All-in-One and All-in-One IAC, businesses and individuals can create their own larger-than-life moments daily and put forward a modern, tech-savvy image. Both devices and their easy installation, built-in components and integrated software solutions make them beautiful investments and practical ones, too.

Discover the endless applications of Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One and deliver the ultimate viewing experience right out of the box. You can find everything you need to know about choosing LED displays for optimal viewing — indoors and out — in this free guide.

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