Convenience retailers can leverage technology, including indoor and outdoor digital displays, digital menu boards and self-service kiosks, to convert fuel customers into food ones and benefit the bottom line.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), c-stores sell about 80% of fuel in the entire country, and 44% of those customers go inside, with only one-third making a purchase. This shows a significant opportunity to increase convenience store revenue.

Digital displays implemented throughout the refueling journey provide retailers with an opportunity to propel customers off the pump and into the store to increase transaction values and basket spend.

Use digital signage to drive customers to fuel up their car — and themselves

Digital signage at the gas pump provides a powerful engagement opportunity. Data from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council indicates that 47% of customers read signage at the pump.

Outdoor digital signage displays are ideal for gas pump islands and can help boost conversion rates by drawing customers’ attention to in-store products and services while refueling. Digital signage can be used for real-time promotions, showcasing c-store menus by day, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, or for seasonal events and offers. Displays can also help raise brand awareness for c-stores and their partners.

Streamline operations with dynamic outdoor displays

Exterior displays, such as Samsung’s outdoor digital signage series, located outside the c-store entrance, can reinforce marketing implemented at the gas pump and help confirm customer selections as well as drive the upsell once shoppers step inside the store.

Samsung’s content management software (CMS), VXT, enables c-stores to be dynamic with their displays, as the software helps target, schedule and push out content across various displays. This way, retailers can easily feature up-to-date information and showcase time-of-day items. Using IBM weather functionality, retailers can also respond to seasonality and promote hot beverages in cooler weather or cold drinks and ice cream when the temperature rises, for example.

Displays help streamline c-store operations, too. With VXT, menu items, price changes and promotions can be updated remotely. Using the software, content can be created and managed seamlessly across a variety of locations and devices from anywhere around the globe. Changes can be applied to a specific store or implemented across an entire region or chain to ensure customers receive the latest information. The highly intuitive CMS also enables any user to easily develop and deploy content with no previous training.

Entice customers and increase in-store foot traffic with window displays

Window displays provide convenience retailers with an additional selling tool and can help increase foot traffic to the store. Dual-sided displays enable retailers to schedule unique content on both the outside and inside of the store to drive maximum value. Retailers can also use the displays for third-party advertisements, alerting customers to new products and offers in order to increase in-store sales and simultaneously create a new revenue stream.

Increase basket size in the c-store

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Samsung’s OMN series offers dual-sided, high-brightness digital window displays. They provide excellent visibility, are energy efficient and have a modern slim design to complement contemporary c-store environments.

Enjoy easy updates with digital menu boards

Digital menu boards inside and outside c-stores enable day-parting in order to showcase different menus according to the time of day. They also provide operators with the ability to quickly make menu updates to promote new specials, for example, or to remove an item if a product becomes unavailable. Digital menu boards enable more targeted selling, too, as menus can be fine-tuned to customer buying habits and preferences. Using sensor technology, c-stores can even personalize menus and offers to individual customers in order to prompt upsells and add-ons.

The ease and convenience of digital kiosks and touchscreens can help encourage more food orders, as well. In fact, research shows kiosks and digital signage boards prompt people to spend 20-30% more on average and have them twice as likely to order a dessert.

In-store, digital menu boards like Samsung’s UHD series can display any content in ultra-high definition and with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage. Coupled with Samsung VXT, c-stores can easily create and update content across all menu boards.

Put customers in control with self-service kiosks

Once customers leave the fuel pump and enter the store, the convenience of a self-service kiosk can further drive them to make a purchase. Self-service kiosks deliver numerous benefits for c-stores. They put customers in control of their orders for a more personalized experience and free up store staff to focus on added value roles such as food preparation and service. Customers can use Samsung Windows All-In-One Kiosk to browse menus and select items in their own time with no need for sales assistants. Order accuracy is also improved through kiosk ordering, which enhances the customer experience.

A key benefit of self-service kiosks is the ability to upsell. C-stores can use self-service kiosks to assist with upselling by suggesting add-ons or bigger sizes, such as a large versus regular drink. Using touchscreens, operators can expand their menu options and promote premium products, such as signature dishes, in order to generate higher sales. Kiosks can also be deployed to push current promotions and limited-time offers to prompt extra purchases.

C-stores can leverage their loyalty programs on self-service kiosks to encourage higher customer spend, as well as enrollment in loyalty programs in order to increase revenue and profits.

Samsung Kiosk is a sleek, all-in-one payment and ordering solution aimed at convenience retailers. The Kiosk’s eye-catching compact design means it works well on its own or, with its neutral and gray-white tones, will blend naturally into any store environment.

C-stores that implement digital displays and technology to showcase their mouth-watering menus, promotions and offers throughout the customers’ refueling journey are more likely to entice them into the store to make a purchase. Customers will appreciate the modern technology, an inviting environment and a personalized experience that’s set to keep them coming back for more.

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