The Challenge

In order to stay compliant with brand guidelines, Hilton Waikiki Beach needed to upgrade the TVs in its 601 guest rooms. They also wanted to expand their digital signage program to include several displays in the on-site diner and at the concierge desk. In the lobby bar, they would add a 146-inch microLED display in a concerted effort to enhance the guest experience while attracting more local foot traffic.  

The Solution

"We want the hotel to become part of locals' community living experience."

Henry Perez

The Results

About Hilton Waikiki Beach

The Hilton Waikiki Beach on Kuhio Avenue is a 601-room full-service hotel offering beautiful ocean and mountain views and 17,000 square-feet of function space. The 10thfloor Recreation Deck, 17,000 square-feet, boasts a large pool and spa, 9-hole miniature golf course, large poolside cabanas, daybeds, firepits and the Hang 10 bar. The LBLE Lounge is home to The Wall All-In-One 4k display, a 146-inch Direct View LED Display, one of the largest displays in the Hawaiian Islands. It is located just one block from Waikiki’s beaches, shopping, dining and entertainment.

The Challenge

Staying brand-compliant and upgrading the guest viewing experience

Standing on a section of Prince Kuhio Kalaniana’ole Pi’ikoi’s former home, Hilton Waikiki Beach occupies a prime location one block from the ocean in the heart of Waikiki. Being in the midst of the island’s action, the hotel attracts many types of travelers — in particular, government workers who are typically on-site for several days. It’s also a popular hangout for locals who come to enjoy the atmosphere in the lobby bar, which overlooks a lush garden terrace.

To stay compliant with Hilton brand guidelines that require in-room upgrades every five to seven years, the hotel needed to remove all 55-inch TVs from guest rooms and replace them with 65-inch models. Due to their positive experience with Samsung TVs, they upgraded to the 65-inch Samsung 4K Hospitality TVs. At the same time, they wanted to expand their digital signage program into several common areas of the hotel — including the lobby bar, the concierge desk and an on-site restaurant — to outfit additional Samsung displays.

“Having the latest technology was very important,” said general manager Henry Perez. “We also needed a user-friendly solution that both guests and employees could easily control.”

A 98-inch Samsung display served as a centerpiece in the lobby bar for the previous two years, but the owner wanted to go even bigger. The goal? Provide a stunning way to view content such as news and sports for both guests and local patrons. In order to attract more foot traffic and give guests a unique and memorable experience, Hilton Waikiki Beach needed a wow-worthy solution in the lobby area and a way to bring visual interest to additional areas of the hotel.

The Solution

In-room TV upgrades and tech additions for the ultimate "wow factor"

Hilton Waikiki Beach operates under the umbrella of Stanford Hotels, and its owner is a tech-savvy hotelier with a portfolio of 18 properties from Seattle to Boca Raton. In addition to having Samsung TVs in all guest rooms, three Stanford Hotels properties have large-format displays in the lobby — and they’ve been a hit with guests.

“We’ve had a lot of success with Samsung TVs in our guest rooms,” Perez said. “When the installers recommended The Wall, the owner felt comfortable with their suggestion since he’s always had positive experiences with the brand.”

The lobby bar, LBLE, already had a Samsung display: a 98-inch above the bar. There was also a projector on the wall opposite the garden terrace, which was recently replaced by Samsung’s largest and most stunning display, the 146-inch model of The Wall All-in-One. Boasting Black Seal and Ultra Chroma technology, a deep black background uniformly blankets the screen to show colors two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs.

“When you compare The Wall All-in-One head-to-head with other products, the differences are very clear,” said Vince Mitchell, founder and CEO of Pacific Digital Signs, which helped with installation of The Wall. “Standard LCD video walls have seams, but with LED you can create one seamless image — and The Wall’s contrast, high-bright environment, and black levels are unparalleled.”

The Wall All-in-One also streamlines installation since the control box is built into the display, eliminating the cumbersome configuration process. Installation typically takes only two hours for two people, and, in this case, construction was only required so that the display sits flush against the wall inside a steel frame.

“From the way the cabinets are designed to the way the modules are built, The Wall All-in-One has drastically simplified the installation process,” Mitchell said.

Guest room TVs were upgraded from 55-inch to 65-inch QLED 4K Hospitality TVs, whose Quantum HDR technology creates a true-to-life viewing experience with vibrant imagery that preserves every detail. The concierge area received four new 65-inch Hospitality TVs, while the on-site diner, M.A.C. 24/7, received a total of eight new displays.

The Technology

The Wall

A deep black background and enhanced depth delivers an unmatched viewing experience. With a simplified installation process and a built-in control box, The Wall: All-in-One is the ideal LED video wall.

Hospitality TVs

On Samsung’s Hospitality TVs, 100% Color Volume and Quantum Dot transforms light into breathtaking color, while the Native Netflix OTT App allows guests to stream content effortlessly.

The Results

A tech transformation to attract locals and guests alike

Since the remodel, Hilton Waikiki Beach visitors now enjoy on-screen entertainment via luxurious 65-inch 4K LED displays inside guest rooms. A dedicated Hilton channel features attractions and activities throughout Oahu such as Pearl Harbor, scenic hikes, snorkeling sites and museums that spark inspiration to soak up the island’s culture. The integrated Netflix over-the-top (OTT) app allows guests to stream content from their own account right to their room.

The lobby bar, which received the biggest overhaul, now features a 146-inch The Wall All-in-One in addition to the 98-inch display. The first of its kind in Hawaii, business travelers, families and locals alike are consistently awed by The Wall’s size and crystal-clear image clarity.

“Revenue has increased because people are enjoying that atmosphere. You can feel the place moving and jumping.”
— Henry Perez

“Local residents can come in and watch sporting events they might not be able to watch in their own homes, and it gets them out and about in the neighborhood,” Perez said. “We want the hotel to become part of their community living experience.”

Located above the main bar, The Wall All-in-One operates on a preset schedule. Starting at 6 a.m., it plays Hawaii scenes like windsurfing, hiking, and lava flows on Big Island. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the screen is split into four sections that play a combination of news and sports. Then at 2 p.m., the screen switches to the biggest sports event of the day and returns to Hawaii scenery when the major sports events are finished.

“Sunday football starts at 7 a.m. and is done at noon,” Perez said. “Monday night football is at 3 p.m., so sports are done fairly early here.”

The 98-inch Samsung display remains in the lobby and can be set up to play the same or different content as The Wall All-in-One as guests sip hand-crafted cocktails at the bar or on stylish settees overlooking the garden terrace. Over at the concierge desk, guests can watch videos of luaus, zip lines, helicopter tours, and other activities that can be booked on-site on four 65-inch displays. At the lively M.A.C. 24/7 diner, guests can catch up on news, sports, and more on the restaurant’s eight displays.

Hilton Waikiki’s technology upgrade not only enhances the guest experience, it makes for a profitable addition to the hotel. By creating a space that features something seen nowhere else in the state, its operators aim to attract visitors and locals who seek a unique, one-of-a-kind Oahu experience.

“I have seen an increase in how long guests linger in the lobby or bar areas than they did in the past,” Perez said. “Revenue has increased because people are enjoying that atmosphere. You can feel the place moving and jumping.”

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