5 classic note-taking hassles Samsung’s Note Assist takes care of for you

When you’re taking notes in a meeting or presentation, whether you’re writing with pen and paper or typing on your phone or computer, you’re mostly focused on keeping up with the speaker and capturing what you can. It’s an everyday task but not always an easy one, especially if you’re someone who finds yourself coming back to your notes only to have difficulty making use of them.

If that sounds like you, don’t worry. Introduced as part of the January 2024 Galaxy AI rollout and S24 launch, Samsung’s new Note Assist feature equips you to work smarter rather than harder when taking and referring back to notes digitally in the Samsung Notes app. Here are the traditional note-taking pain points that Note Assist relieves for Galaxy S24 business users going forward.

1. Formatting

Note-taking on the Galaxy S24 Series works best with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which includes an embedded S Pen. That way, you can write by hand, on your phone, and get the best of both worlds. However, Note Assist is available for both handwritten and typed notes in the Samsung Notes app. Either way, you’ll be able to turn rough notes into beautifully organized ones with just two taps when you click the Note Assist icon followed by “Headers and bullets.”

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We all know taking notes and organizing them are two different and equally demanding tasks. With Note Assist, Galaxy AI handles the latter and instantly makes your notes scannable. Auto-formatting is particularly useful for creating detailed, yet digestible meeting minutes in less time by removing the need to find time to organize all your notes.

2. Summarizing

The point of note-taking is to be able to find important points and action items, but reading through dense notes can make it feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. While auto-formatting organizes your notes, the Summarize function can quickly condense them. With a quick summary in hand, you can manage your workflow more seamlessly. Generating a summary can be extremely helpful when recapping a meeting for someone who wasn’t there, or simply for your own use to remember the main points without worrying about missing a key takeaway or to-do. You can also officially replace your original notes with the AI-generated summary if you feel you no longer need the extra commentary.

3. Spell-checking

We’ve all been there, typing away in a hurry, only to later discover an email or deliverable has typos and misspellings. It’s not necessarily the end of the world for there to be errors in communications that are purely internal, but it can be a little embarrassing. Meanwhile, traditional spell-check helps, but addressing each correction one by one can be distracting and time-consuming. Note Assist will sweep through your entire note in one go, underlining all potential errors in blue. You can then quickly scan and review your notes to ensure they’re polished and professional before you share them. Your first draft will be as clean as a final draft.

4. Finding

If you frequently create new notes on your phone, you’ve probably found yourself thumbing through the list to find one that you’re looking for from a while back. The Generate cover function in Note Assist lets you choose a unique thumbnail icon, color and style for a given note so that it stands out visually from the others in the Samsung Notes app. If you’re on a call and need to refer to your notes, this feature will come in handy, so you don’t feel pressured or panicky.

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5. Translating

If you conduct business globally or work in a global company, the ability to communicate in someone else’s native language can enhance your working relationships. Note Assist rises to this challenge with a feature that feels almost like magic: instant translation. At launch, it supports 13 languages, enabling seamless conversion of your notes from one language to another with a single tap.

Imagine you’ve just wrapped up a brainstorming session with international colleagues, and you need to share the outcomes with team members who speak a different language. With Note Assist, you can simply select the text, choose your desired language, and your notes are now ready to be understood across borders. It bridges language barriers in real time.

Notes. Next steps. Nicely organized.

With Note Assist on the Galaxy S24 Series, you can focus on capturing your notes, and spend less time perfecting them. Whether you’re taking minutes, making lists or outlining next steps, you’ll be able to stay productive with a phone that organizes meeting notes for you. It’s just one of the many ways the Galaxy S24 Series enables epic productivity.

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