Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is here, bringing some of the most exciting and productivity-powering updates to date to Samsung’s flagship S series. Whether you already own an S series device or are considering making the switch to Samsung’s ever-growing Galaxy ecosystem, S24 will change the way you work — in the office, on the go and anywhere in between.

The S24 range includes the Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. Any of the three will give you Samsung’s latest, greatest essential tools for business. With that said, there are some differences you’ll want to consider before making your final selection. Here’s what you need to know when comparing the S24 lineup.

Galaxy AI

Before we get into the differences between the S24 devices, let’s talk about the biggest upgrade you’ll get regardless of which S24 device you choose. The S24 range ushers in the game-changing power of Galaxy AI. From type-less Google searching to live voice translating, organized note-taking and easy image editing, artificial intelligence is integrated into the S24 experience. Unleash new ways for you and your team to be productive, collaborative, and creative, as AI continues to reshape the business landscape. Along the way, your built-in AI will learn your communication style to help you be professional without sounding robotic.

Enterprise security

When it comes to business, there’s no room to compromise on data security. That’s why S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra (and all of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, for that matter) are equipped with defense-grade Knox Security. Now you can focus on your business goals rather than worrying about worst-case cybersecurity scenarios.

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Samsung Knox protects your device, your data and your clients’ data from the chip up to the cloud. It keeps passwords, biometrics and other sensitive data secure from even the most sophisticated hackers. Within the Knox suite, Knox Manage serves as a cloud-based HQ that your IT team can seamlessly deploy. Learn more about Samsung’s robust mobile security platform and how it meets the needs of the most data-sensitive industries, from finance to the public sector.

S Pen

Knowing that you’ll have AI at work and enterprise security covered no matter which S24 device you choose, it’s time to look a little closer at the specs that differentiate S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. The standout feature that you’ll only get with S24 Ultra is the S Pen. If you’re one of the many business users who know and love S Pen, you might already be using it daily to take notes, mark up documents, sketch new ideas, click through presentations and more. On S24 Ultra, S Pen is better than ever, with a flat point for edge-to-edge use on the display. Galaxy AI kicks in here, too, auto-spacing your handwriting, auto-formatting your notes and introducing other simple but impactful efficiencies that enable you to complete work tasks more seamlessly.


Each S24 device has display improvements compared to its respective S23 predecessor. S24 and S24+ are ever-so-slightly larger to subtly add screen real estate without becoming bulky. S24 has a 6.2-inch, FHD+ display. S24+’s 6.7-inch display makes the step up from FHD+ to QHD+ for even better image quality. S24 Ultra boasts a 6.8-inch display in QHD+.

At 2,500 nits, all three S24 devices are noticeably brighter than the S23 range, which has 1,750-nit displays. If you want the most compact S24 device, the S24 is the clear choice. Meanwhile, S24+’s QHD+ display is a significant improvement at its price point. S24 Ultra has the largest display, but its appeal lies more in its features (such as S Pen compatibility) than in the display itself, as the S24+ has now caught up in terms of resolution and size.

Battery and durability

Your work device needs to keep up with your busiest days — and perhaps withstand a few oopsies along the way. As with the display, you’ll get a longer-lasting battery in a S24 device compared to its S23 counterpart. Since larger and brighter screens require larger batteries, the differences in S24 battery sizes reflect the differences in display size, brightness and resolution. S24 gives you a 4,000mAh battery; S24+, a 4,900mAh battery; and S24 Ultra, a 5,000mAh battery. Without getting into the mathematics of milliamperes per hour, your battery will be plenty for you to use your device freely while focusing on work rather than battery life. For example, when it comes to video playback, the S24 range gives you up to five hours more battery than the S23 range and up to 11 hours more than the S22 range.

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On the outside, S24 Ultra is as durable as durable can be, thanks to its new titanium frame. S24+ and S24 are made with Armor Aluminum 2.0, the latest iteration of Samsung’s premium durability technology. If you’re all-in on mobile productivity and using your device on the go (or, if you know you’re simply prone to dropping your phone), consider the titanium S24 Ultra.


The cameras on Samsung devices seem to be pulling away from the competition, especially with the arrival of the Galaxy S24 range. S24 Ultra in particular can easily power your business’ social media presence with a pro-level camera in your pocket. Use the 5x optical Space Zoom lens to capture incredible content, even from far away and in the dark. It’s perfect for your marketing team. That’s not to knock the camera capabilities of S24 and S24+, though. Those devices can capture 50MP high-resolution photos with 30x Space Zoom, so no detail is left behind. And, with Galaxy AI, you now have the power of generative editing on any Galaxy S24 device. Simply snap a pic, then remove unwanted objects, adjust the colors and more — all with the help of AI — for smart photo editing made simple.

Storage and memory

When you’re in the middle of getting work done, you don’t have time to stop and free up space on your phone; with your Galaxy S24 of choice, you won’t have to. S24 gives you 128GB or 256GB of storage. S24+ lets you choose between 256GB and 512GB. S24 Ultra adds the option to go with a whopping 1TB of storage. When purchasing any smartphone — and especially one for business — it’s generally advisable to get the most storage available if the price difference isn’t a significant factor. Also, keep in mind that S24+ and S24 Ultra have 12GB of RAM for snappy multitasking, while S24 has 8GB of RAM (by no means slow).

Phone-to-PC with Samsung DeX

Not new but always impressive, Samsung DeX turns your Samsung phone into a pocket-sized PC. All Galaxy S24 devices come with DeX so you can tap into a mobile-powered desktop computing experience. DeX works wirelessly with any Miracast-enabled display, such as Samsung smart monitors — or, for viewing presentations on a larger canvas, most newer smart TVs. Learn more about Samsung DeX and all that it enables you to do.

Galaxy S24 Series: Epic across the board

Elevate your work, business and team with the most advanced Galaxy S series device yet. Whichever S24 device you choose, it will be powered by Galaxy AI to simplify your everyday and inspire you to pursue ambitious goals — because that’s what the AI age is all about, empowering people to do more, live better, work smarter and think bigger.

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