What’s more powerful than AI on your desktop? AI in your pocket.

Artificial intelligence is no longer in its infancy. It is proliferating and accelerating at an unbelievable pace, with many advancements focused on bringing new capabilities to mobile devices. Just like the internet quickly evolved from being rooted in computers to being available on — and then optimized for — mobile devices, AI has officially made its way to the newest mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S24 Series.

Here are a few areas where AI (more specifically, Galaxy AI) is already enhancing the mobile experience.

1. Information

AI fundamentally changes how we find and engage with information on our mobile devices. A shift toward AI-driven information retrieval means users can expect more accurate, context-aware results with fewer tabs required.

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For example, the new Circle to Search with Google feature on Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra allows you to circle text or images directly on your screen and instantly launch a Google search. You no longer have to navigate to your browser and type in what you’re looking for. By simply making a circle, your device knows what you’re trying to do and does it for you.

It makes sense that Samsung, a leader in mobile innovation, and Google, one of the most popular online search engines, are the ones to integrate AI into the mobile search experience. Essentially, we’re seeing the development of the information age, the mobile age, and now the AI age. Beyond conducting simple searches, AI’s ability to learn from past interactions and predict future requests will help evolve mobile devices into more proactive digital assistants that offer information before you even realize the need.

2. Communication

Using advanced algorithms, AI can help you navigate language barriers effortlessly. With mobile devices, you can use the power of AI translation on the go, in a pinch, for business and leisure, wherever your travels may take you. Samsung is at the forefront of AI translation with its Live Translate feature introduced in Galaxy S24 Series. Live Translate enables real-time, bilingual conversations that feel more natural than manually looking up translations during back-and-forth interactions. On a phone call, translations come through both audibly and on-screen after each person speaks. In texts, translations are shown below each sent and received message.

AI can also help support more seamless conversations. On Galaxy S24 Series, Chat Assist offers different AI-generated options to restructure a message and get the tone just right. It’s built into the keyboard, encouraging more thoughtful word choices in a digital-first world where tone can easily be misinterpreted. Through clearer communication, Chat Assist can help facilitate stronger human connections.

3. Organization

When it comes to mobile productivity, AI looks poised to make major leaps in helping to streamline our work and organize our lives. Galaxy AI can be seen as the world’s first mobile-first AI platform, and it already delivers serious game-changers for mobile productivity in its Note Assist and Transcript Assist features. Note Assist helps you swiftly organize and summarize information from notes captured on your phone. Transcript Assist creates full, accurate text transcripts of meetings and conversations.

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If you’re using your mobile device for business, organization is key. It’s the difference between doing work and having a workflow. With AI helping organize your work, you can be ultra-productive and avoid time-consuming tasks like cleaning up notes and listening to lengthy meeting recordings for important information.

4. Content creation

AI photo editing is revolutionizing content creation and enabling anyone to produce professional-quality visuals directly from their mobile devices. These tools leverage AI to enhance photos automatically, apply complex effects and even recompose images to suit specific aesthetics and parameters.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out in this field, equipped with a sophisticated camera system and AI editing suite. Galaxy S24 Series boasts advanced AI photo editing features, including a generative edit tool that allows you to modify an image by moving or deleting objects while Galaxy AI seamlessly reconstructs the background. Galaxy AI also offers personalized editing suggestions like remastering or removing shadows and reflections. For more intricate edits, the Galaxy Enhance-X app provides options to brighten, sharpen or restore pictures.

The possibilities for AI in content creation are bound to expand. We can anticipate more intuitive editing tools capable of making real-time suggestions for enhancements and even generating content based on brief textual descriptions. This progression will continue to democratize high-quality content creation for businesses.

Mobile AI: The new essential

You may not have realized it before AI went mainstream, but we’ve already seen the advent of AI-enabled mobile features that once felt futuristic, like virtual assistants and facial recognition. Yet, we’re witnessing a deeper, more interoperable transformation. AI is becoming the bedrock of the mobile experience, enhancing every interaction, streamlining daily tasks, and putting game-changing, high-quality content creation at our fingertips. This wave of AI integration makes our mobile devices more powerful than ever — and so will the next wave.

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