Becoming a more productive small business is never the result of individual effort alone. It’s when teams work both collaboratively and cohesively to save time and undue effort. You see it when a colleague proactively emails you market research they know you’ll need for a client pitch or texts you advice on how to troubleshoot a customer service issue with fewer steps.

Getting more done can lead to increased revenue, lower expenses and additional capacity for strategic planning. In the U.S., however, research shows small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are only 47% as productive as larger enterprises. This gap is even wider in other parts of the world. Turning that around could have a positive impact on many countries’ gross national product (GDP).

One of the most common barriers to improved productivity is a lack of integration with the business applications SMBs rely upon. Logging into and out of myriad apps all day is cumbersome. When the data they use can’t connect across those applications, it can lead to errors, duplication of effort and wasted time.

Fortunately, many application providers recognize this and strive to integrate with each other’s products. As you invest in technology, however, that’s not the only aspect of integration to keep in mind.

Integration at its best: The ecosystem approach

SMBs can enjoy even greater productivity benefits when applications connect with each other and are integrated within and across their mobile devices.

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This is the philosophy behind Samsung’s Galaxy connected experience, which allows for streamlined data and content sharing across smartphones, PCs, tablets and wearables. If you’re using Galaxy S24, for instance, the connected experience means you can continue a call on Galaxy Book4 Series without any interruption. You can also sync notes, send photos with Quick Share, and manage alerts and notifications across devices with Link to Windows.

Samsung builds upon the Galaxy connected experience by partnering with leading technology providers and offering even more dynamic integrations like Galaxy AI. Another example is Circle to Search with Google, which allows SMBs using devices like a Galaxy S24 to simply draw a circle with their finger on the screen to look up directions to a venue, background information on a product and more.

3 ways technology integrations bring business value

Beyond helping you get through your to-do list more quickly and easily, integrated solutions can help SMBs make progress on several of their other most common priorities. These include:

1. Stronger collaboration and security

SMBs are usually a mix of people working in functional areas like sales, marketing and customer service. On a day-to-day basis, though, delivering on your objectives is all about how well you can stay connected, communicate and work together. This can be more challenging than ever, given that many SMBs have decentralized teams where some people are at the office and others are somewhere else.

Samsung’s partnerships with leading business software providers help address that challenge by providing a more intuitive mobile experience. When you need to bring multiple parties into a conversation, for instance, Mobile Camera Share on Webex Meetings lets you stream live video from your Galaxy mobile device’s camera in your meeting and write notes on the screen with your S Pen.

As a client deal gets closer to fruition, meanwhile, multiple people may need to review the contract. Samsung’s integration with Folia offers Galaxy device users advanced annotation capabilities that work in real time across platforms. You can then finalize the deal with your client by using Samsung DeX on your Galaxy mobile device or Galaxy S9 tablet to provide a more PC-like experience, letting them see all the details and use the S Pen to sign.

The mixture of applications we’re describing here doesn’t mean your business is facing greater security risks. Samsung phones, tablets and wearables are locked down via the Knox security platform, which protects data both at rest and in motion from the chip up with security built into the hardware. Knox is also integrated throughout the software in defense layers that separate data and constantly check the integrity of the device to detect tampering.

2. Deeper customer relationships

A customer who recognizes you, knows you and trusts you will likely send more business your way. Developing those strong relationships can’t always happen through in-person meetings, though. Instead, you need to establish a solid approach to gathering relevant customer data and infusing it into the way you sell, market and provide support.

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Whether a sales rep is chatting with a customer on the road or in the office, for instance, Zoho’s Notebook for Samsung devices integration provides a powerful all-in-one way to capture their pain points and interests.

This is the kind of data that fuels a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Bigin by Zoho CRM. If reps are using Galaxy Tab S9, the Bigin integration means they can enjoy dual-screen functionality that lets them see deals at a glance while managing their inbox, or use keyboard shortcuts to quickly search records or create new ones. Bigin also adapts to smaller device sizes like Galaxy S24, and you can use it in DeX mode.

For those on the marketing side, integrating with Zoho Campaigns allows you to drag and drop content like CSV files onto your phone, preview precisely what customers will see when they open your email, and send messages with confidence.

Of course, there may be times when you need to dispatch field service teams to assist customers with the products and services they get from your company. Zoho Lens lets frontline workers stream their Galaxy device camera feed to remote experts and use augmented reality (AR) to take measurements, annotate images and make comments. This can help accelerate issue resolution times and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Smarter project management

Whether it’s launching new products, hosting a customer event or responding to a request for proposal (RFP), SMBs always tend to be juggling multiple projects at once. It’s easy for details to get lost or for miscommunication to stall progress.

Wrike provides a single source of truth SMBs need to ensure projects are executed smoothly. Samsung’s partnership with Wrike allows you to optimize workflows on its platform whether your team members are using Galaxy phones, tablets or PCs.

Even when there are a lot of action items to take in, you can use multi-screen features to manage Wrike on devices like Galaxy Z Fold5 and the S Pen to jot notes and organize your high-priority tasks.

How to maximize the benefits of integrated solutions

Integrated solutions for SMBs should be as easy to purchase as they are to use. That way, you can get back to doing the work you love, but in a more productive manner than ever before.

Take Samsung Direct, which allows SMBs to reshape the way they buy mobile devices and services. Signing up is the first step in growing your business through business pricing, volume discounts and trade-in opportunities. When budgets are an obstacle, Samsung Business Financing gives SMBs the flexible options they want and terms that allow them to better manage cash flow.

Once you’ve empowered your team for greater productivity through Samsung Direct, you can also achieve greater peace of mind through Samsung Care+ for Business, which covers accidental damage and loss and offers a hassle-free claims process. No matter what kind of questions you have, the dedicated support you gain via Samsung Direct can further your productivity, too.

The return on investment (ROI) from devices like Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Book4 Series is bigger than you think. Samsung’s partnerships and integrated solutions open up a whole world of capabilities that matter to SMBs.

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