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Clearly Communicate the Benefits of Fleet Management to Maximize ROI

The transportation world is changing at an accelerated pace. The electronic log mandate (ELD) may be the largest change to hit the industry. How fleets embrace this change can create a culture that embraces technology in routine daily tasks. Newer technology solutions are designed to be intuitive, allowing for quicker and easier adoption and the ROI in dollars and workforce buy-in on these solutions can be multiplied with the right fleet management training.

Here are five key features to look for when selecting a fleet management solution.

1. Communication. The solution you choose should have communication intentionally built in. You don’t want to guess if someone has read the latest safety bulletin, you want to know.

2. Communication. Yes, communication again. Often, corporate mandates will meet quick resistance if their benefits aren’t clearly communicated to everyone. Communicate the benefits of any new technology to your drivers, mechanics and the overall company. If your solution is working for you, it’ll be a win for everyone. Also focus on getting buy-in from several early adopters across the company. Listen to their input, since they’ll be using the solution daily.

3. Adaptive design. Make sure that your fleet management solution has an adaptive design. If your processes change, you shouldn’t have to buy another solution or pay for extensive customizations. Here are a few critical things to look for:

  • Connectivity into your back-office operations to prevent duplicate entries
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and reporting
  • Ad hoc data mining for additional operational insight
  • Single-sign on for easy access

4. Dependability. Ensure that the devices your drivers have are durable and dependable. The last thing you want is for someone on the road to lose access to your system because of a device problem.

5. Intuitive user interface. Mobile devices today are much easier to use than those from just a few years ago. Make sure the apps you select are just as easy to use; this will reduce your ramp-up time and cost. If you’re experiencing high turnover, this can have a big impact in training.

A cool new gadget isn’t the hard part to sell. The challenge is in rolling out fleet management training for electronic logbooks, keeping policies and procedures updated and ensuring that your drivers can be productive with these gadgets. This will be a smoother process if the benefits of fleet management are made clear to everyone involved.

Implementing fleet management using a seamless solution from Samsung and Comply365 can provide an adaptive, dependable platform with an intuitive user interface. The dependability of Samsung devices facilitates faster adoption. Company communication, feedback surveys, dashboards and reporting from Comply365 can connect the cab and the shop to the back office. Together, Samsung and Comply365 provide a solution that meets your needs today and is adaptable enough to meet your needs down the road.

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