Airports are small cities that breathe with the tide of travelers arriving and departing every hour. Navigating a busy airport for the first time can be a challenge for passengers and transient crew members, but Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) has teamed up with Samsung at San Diego International Airport to enhance the traveler experience by providing location and contextually based information.

Improving Operations

These emerging technologies open up exciting opportunities for technical groups at the San Diego International Airport that are responsible for the behind-the-scenes management of airport operations. As airports have become increasingly reliant on technology like self-service kiosks, flight status displays, boarding gate ticket scanners and digital signage, the need to complete technical repairs quickly has become more critical. When paired with the Samsung Gear S2, employees who are constantly on the go can receive airport status updates, confirm completion of critical repairs and maintain visibility of critical operational challenges all without the need for frequent phone calls or emails between staff. The Gear S2 is connected to the airport enterprise management control systems through the TCS Spark Compass platform.

Streamlining Travel

Passengers traveling through San Diego International Airport will soon be able to use their Samsung smartphones and Gear S2 smartwatches to receive timely alerts with information on traffic, parking, boarding gates, security updates and more. Using the same Spark Compass platform, which operates using beacons and sensors throughout the airport, travelers can receive custom offers and updates based on their location within the terminal, including the option to locate retailers and even receive information on particular art installations within the airport.

The End of Lost Luggage

San Diego International Airport’s innovative use of TCS’s “GoTag” beacons allows travelers to receive a notification once their bags are ready for pickup at the luggage carousel at their final destination at any airport. Many times a flight is held waiting on baggage, without knowing exactly when the bags will arrive — an issue GoTags are designed to alleviate.

San Diego International Airport is emerging as a leader in mobile and beacon technology that will improve the flow of context-based information. Through the innovative use of Samsung technology, organizations can continue to streamline and improve the flow of critical information.

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