Fashionistas got a literal reflection of the future of retail during New York Fashion Week this September 2016, where mirror display technology was the centerpiece of a series of special runway shows.

A pair of exclusive shows organized by FTL Moda and sponsored by Samsung saw the Manhattan event space lit up with a series of digital mirrors that magically doubled as LCD marketing and interactive information displays. Video wall displays were also grouped at the head of the runway to act as a digital backdrop for the designers and their models.

Building mirror display technology into the show created a more complete experience, says Ilaria Niccolini, president of FTL Moda. “Whoever was in attendance not only saw the models walking in front of them, or showcases on the video wall, but every piece of the collection was also arriving on the mirror displays.”

“Mirror displays can have a really exciting impact on the industry,” says Ron Gazzola, vice president of display and memory marketing at Samsung Business.

The video below captures the visual energy of the NYFW event, and shows how this innovative mirror display technology — now available on the market — can be powerfully applied across the fashion industry and in retail environments.