For logistics, warehouse and delivery professionals, inventory apps bring significant value and time-savings, especially when paired with a rugged smartphone. As new rugged phones come to market, apps developers are stepping up with a range of tools to leverage the value of these versatile devices in harsh and challenged environments. From warehouse settings where drops are always a risk, to delivery routes where phones can be exposed to weather and other perils, inventory apps on a rugged device can smooth out business processes and improve efficiencies.

These apps can be critical to driving business outcomes. “Tracking inventory from the loading dock to the moment it goes out the front door requires accurate inventory control,” according to the developers of AdvancePro Inventory. “Without it, you could have thousands of dollars on your shelves or inventory losses due to theft or waste.”

When rugged devices deliver mission-critical apps in the warehouse, business leaders are better able to make data-driven choices, avoiding the perils of haphazard management. “There can be a lot of second-guessing when decision-making isn’t driven by facts. Demand planning, forecasting and asset management all benefit from solid information,” note the developers of topShelf.

What are the top inventory apps in logistics, warehouse and delivery? Here are a few to consider:

  • The myStock Inventory Manager app helps users record and manage stock movements using their mobile devices. The app lets a user register inventory at multiple locations via a single device, and enables the exchange of data between mobile devices and data servers, thus delivering continuity of information across the enterprise.
  • With Rapid Inventory managers can easily create, manage and control lists of items in stock, as well as serial numbers and other key data. Integration with enterprise systems happens smoothly and simply with built-in support for data import and export using CSV files, XML files or Google Docs for online spreadsheets.
  • topShelf Mobile Inventory from Scout Inc. delivers a cloud-based inventory management system that integrates with other key business systems including accounting, logistics, CRM and e-commerce systems. Management tools include a customized forecasting feature as well as reporting functions including lot recall, asset summaries and cycle counts. The app makes it easy for mobile professionals to access and manage all aspect of the supply chain.

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  • Inventory Droid is the app companion to RomiSys’ PC software of the same name. The inventory management tool includes barcode scanning and CSV import/export. Users can save photos and receipts in special folders and can move between multiple inventory accounts.
  • AdvancePro Inventory enables users to take control of their inventory. Warehouse workers can process warehouse orders with pick, pack and ship operations. A mobile device is all it takes to receive orders, transfer products and perform lookup and cycle count operations. By delivering real-time information, the app helps to drive efficiency and ensure accuracy and works in tandem with AdvancePro Inventory software.
  • LoMag Warehouse Management PRO offers a full suite of inventory management tools. Users can import data from Excel, create and restore backup copy, mark stock levels at a given time and date, and keep a history of warehouse transfers, among other functions. It has deep reporting capabilities: For example, the app will report on differences before and after the inventory, with changes in stock levels marked in color.

None of these top inventory apps require a rugged device, but all benefit from the rise of ruggedized smartphones.

In the past, warehouse and delivery personnel took a risk any time they brought a smartphone to the work site. Devices often couldn’t stand up to the harsh environment.

With the arrival of MIL-SPEC phones, the factors that have challenged this sector in the past — drops, dust, rain, temperature changes — no longer spell doom for a smartphone. With the latest rugged devices, logistics and supply chain workers across the enterprise can get the most out of their apps, driving efficiency and productivity across the boards.

Learn more about the benefits of rugged devices and how they can save organizations money.

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