Collecting the right order and sending it out for delivery in a timely manner is one of the most critical stages of any customer journey. Handle it well and customers will have confidence the next time they consider purchasing from your brand. Make a mistake, however, and customers may not only shop elsewhere, but warn their friends and family to do the same.

As more organizations focus on developing omnichannel retail strategies and ramping up e-commerce operations, increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy within fulfillment operations is essential for success. Manual approaches to pick, pack and ship processes won’t be enough to get brands where they need to be. Instead, they need to provide warehouse and logistics team members the best possible tools — such as Samsung’s Galaxy XCover6 Pro — to streamline fulfillment at every step.

A rugged smartphone to do more with less

Designed to empower frontline workers with a rugged smartphone that offers the versatility to do more with less, Galaxy XCover6 Pro consolidates multiple pick, pack and ship functions onto a single device. It also features both 5G and Wi-Fi 6E, plus support for CBRS to create a private network. Retail employees can enjoy reliable connectivity with lower latency than LTE, whether they’re managing warehouse inventory, overseeing items being loaded onto a truck or elsewhere.

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Traditionally, the pick, pack and ship process often required team members to toggle between barcode scanners, point-of-sale (POS) devices and other hardware. An all-in-one device like Galaxy XCover6 Pro offers brands a way to optimize their costs, while also providing a better employee experience. This includes:

1. Scanning

Checking the packing slip is where the pick, pack and ship journey begins in most organizations. Galaxy XCover6 Pro offers barcode scanning readiness with an improved 50MP/8MP dual lens camera and a 6nm processor, whose more powerful CPU and GPU is designed to cut down the time spent on graphic-intensive workflows.

Remapping the programmable keys allows employees to launch a barcode scanning app instantly, just by pressing and holding. Retail fulfillment teams can therefore update inventory status without the need for additional accessories. The rugged nature of Galaxy XCover6 Pro even allows warehouse employees to use the device with gloves on or in wet conditions.

Warehouse employees can capture multiple barcodes with a single scan on Galaxy XCover6 Pro through Knox Capture. Featuring a powerful scanning engine to manage input, formatting and output configuration of barcode data, Knox Capture can seamlessly integrate barcode information into other business apps. This can ease the transition from discrete picking to batch and zone picking for multiple orders.

2. mPOS

Not everyone wants to wait for items to be delivered to their home. Retailers have responded by expanding order fulfillment options for greater convenience — like buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup and click and collect (at a nearby location).

Galaxy XCover6 Pro includes built-in mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) capabilities that make it easy for retailers to makes sales and accept payment from anywhere. Samsung TEEGRIS, for example, can run payment applications in a trusted execution environment based on TrustZone.

Near-field communication (NFC), meanwhile, allows Galaxy XCover6 Pro to easily share pick, pack and ship data with other wireless devices, enabling contactless payment options.

A reliable mPOS system can help promote cross-channel sales through greater efficiency and reduced picking errors, ensuring retailers can meet customers with their orders wherever they are.

3. Push-to-talk (PTT)

Warehouse and inventory management is truly a team effort. Employees frequently need to check in with each other about the status of an order, customer details and SKU numbers. Companies once had staff walk around with pagers to keep in touch, but push-to-talk (PTT) offers a more sophisticated way to communicate.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s two programmable buttons allow employees to use their rugged smartphone like a two-way radio. This could include using PTT talk groups to facilitate conversations among predefined groups of team members. This speeds up the process of notifying pickers, packers or shipping workers when an order needs to be adjusted in real time.

4. DeX checkout station

Employees and customers are often equally concerned about seeing all the details of their orders and payments. This is where Galaxy XCover6 Pro can become more than a typical rugged smartphone. Using Samsung DeX, employees can connect their phone to an external monitor to create a PC-like setup, which can serve as a checkout station for BOPIS and curbside pickup.

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DeX can also be utilized when team members need to generate reports. Besides bill of lading and invoice reports, for instance, warehouse and inventory teams might need to monitor how many items were picked, packed and shipped on a given day, or delineate which orders need to be re-run.

5. Software integrations

A true multipurpose device needs to work well with a wide range of apps related to pick, pack and shipping processes. Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s integrations include the Scandit barcode scanning software, and ProGlove for a wearable and hands-free scanning option.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro also integrates with Microsoft Teams to enhance PTT conversations, or with Mad Mobile Ingenico to handle mPOS payments.

Finally, Galaxy XCover6 Pro also takes advantage of Samsung Knox Suite, a mobile toolkit that not only contains Knox Capture but other apps such as Knox Asset Intelligence and Knox Guard.

Pick, pack and ship processes are rarely perfect, but with a device like Galaxy XCover6 Pro, employees are in a far better position to continuously improve them.

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