How’s this for a value proposition you can sell?

You have a customer who is complaining about the rising cost of equipping their employees with the proper technology. Everyone wants a computer at their desk, another one at home, a tablet and a smartphone. Beyond the acquisition cost, there’s the cost of managing all of those devices, keeping them all patched and updated with the latest operating system updates, and maintaining the integrity and versioning of the data across all of them.

You suggest to this customer that they equip every one of their employees with a smartphone. Just a smartphone.

They, of course, look at you and say, “But my people don’t need a phone. We use voice over IP.”

“So,” you respond, “get unlocked devices and don’t use them as phones.” When the customer replies that you can’t get smartphones without phone service from any carrier, you ask that they please let you explain.

An Unlocked Phone: It Could be the Only Device a User Needs

You then introduce them to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S Series. You point out that the Infinity Display gives them much more viewable real estate, making it possible to compose emails or edit documents directly on the phone using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Before they can protest, you then introduce them to Samsung DeX, the desktop experience from Samsung that allows them to dock their Galaxy S8 or Note8, and instantly connect them to a full-sized monitor, keyboard and mouse. They begin to smile as they see all the Galaxy apps on the full screen, but then remember that their people use Windows.

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“Not a problem,” you assure them as you click on Citrix Receiver, VMware Workspace ONE, or Amazon WorkSpaces. Now they can see their Windows virtual desktop – or Linux virtual desktop, if that’s what they use – on the monitor. “Best of all, you’ll no longer have to patch and update every machine. Since these are virtual desktops, you manage, upgrade, update and patch all of them centrally. Your support costs plummet.”

“Just stop and think about this for a moment,” you suggest. “Your user has a smartphone that they can easily carry around with them wherever they go, and they won’t even be stopped in countries or by airlines who are now prohibiting larger electronic devices.”

Additionally, you explain to them that it’s much less expensive, as all you need to provide is a monitor, keyboard and mouse at their desk, and connect to DeX. And if you want to invest in equipping them to work at home, you won’t need to purchase a computer; they can use any monitor (or even a TV) that supports HDMI, and your existing keyboard and mouse. They’ll just need to add a DeX station.

When employees are traveling, most of their hotel televisions will have an HDMI port. Provide them with a video cable, foldable keyboard, mouse and DeX to bring with them, and they can work in most any hotel. In the worst case scenario, they can work on the smartphone itself using the Android versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Otherwise, they access their fully managed VDI desktop and get to work. Best of all, they enjoy a consistent, robust user experience that is the same wherever they’re working, providing maximum comfort and productivity.

“It also opens up a whole new world of application opportunities for you,” you tell your customer, “with applications that are designed for mobile users to collect data, survey sites, collect customer input and more. Now your users can get back to their desks and immediately begin using a full-screen approach to analyzing and summarizing the data collected. It creates a whole new world of possibilities.”

“But,” your customer protests, “how are we going to get phones without phone service?”

Unlocked by Samsung

You reply that you can now provide them with devices that are Unlocked by Samsung, which means they enjoy the full backing, warrant and support of the manufacturer. You’ll still want 4G-LTE service for those users who don’t spend all their time within range of Wi-Fi, but you can now choose the carriers you want based on where your users are and what services you prefer.

One computing and communicating device to manage, equipped with Knox defense-grade security, now easily usable in a full-screen format. Fewer file transfers, no Windows upgrading, updating or patching required at the device. Lower management costs. Lower support costs. Lower security costs.

Now, how’s that for a value proposition you can sell?

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