The future of retail is “try and buy.” Consumers are rejecting tried and true retail formats in favor of intriguing, engaging in-store experiences. As store closings rise and brands seek a way to stand out, the pop-up format is booming as a way to connect with shoppers.

Savvy brands are viewing the pop-up retail opportunity as more than just scaled-down stores. These connected spaces leverage technology to attract and engage shoppers, collect valuable behavior data and offer personalized experiences. They also provide the chance for brands to test locations, products and content at a lower cost and risk factor.

With Samsung Connected Spaces, retailers can easily set up a digital experience for consumers. Brands can implement digital displays, tablets, kiosks with cameras and intelligent analytics dashboards to deliver engaging content as well as collect valuable data.

Using these analytics means brands can adjust content to in-store visitors, accumulate long-term data trends and generate an optimized shopping experience.

Learn how Connected Spaces represent the best of both physical retail and e-commerce in the infographic above.