Verizon announced it conducted a live 5G demonstration at the Big Game on Sunday that can transform the sports fan experience at a live stadium event. The demo, which took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, used Samsung 5G network equipment to showcase a range of 5G-powered capabilities, including streamed 4K content, an international video call held over 5G using a prototype Samsung 5G tablet, immersive virtual reality (VR), streamed content customized for fans, and the ability to view the field from a unique perspective.

This is an exciting next step in network evolution and in Samsung’s collaboration with Verizon, providing another innovative demonstration of the technology’s capabilities during live events. Importantly, this takes on a new kind of challenge: the successful delivery of enhanced services that tap 5G’s full potential within a stadium, and during a demanding global event.

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Key elements of the 5G demonstration were powered through Verizon’s Virtual Sports Lounge — accessible via untethered VR — and backed by Samsung 5G routers and antennas. This provided content options, such as a unique live field 4K video feed, which can be streamed via high-speed, and other customized content delivered at ultra-fast speeds. This VR experience demonstrated another use case for 5G networks to provide immersive fan experiences via its ability to deliver capacity, speeds and latency. Other elements of the 5G demo provided new and different perspectives of the field, streamed to users via a 180-degree camera, providing two 4K streams to each VR receptacle.

The demonstration also showed another benefit of 5G technology: the efficient delivery of mobile coverage and capacity inside a venue. The 5G solution installed for the demonstration in Minneapolis was rapidly deployed. With 5G radio chipsets and amplifier miniaturization, operators can deploy small, light radios — instead of installing large base stations that require more space, power and HVAC to operate.

The results from this 5G demo show the possible benefits gained through providing enhanced content and unique visual perspectives at live events, as well as the fan appeal of such immersive experiences.

Visit Verizon’s newsroom site to see a photo of the demo, or visit the Samsung Newsroom to read more. For more information, discover the breadth of solutions offered by Samsung Networks — including its 5G initiatives.

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