Consumers are increasingly accessing their banking services via mobile, but could smartphones also become the primary computing device of bankers in the branch?

According to Reg Jones, director of solutions for financial services at Samsung Electronics America, the answer is a resounding “yes.” I talked with Jones recently about how Samsung DeX offers a way for retail banks to go mobile-only.

“DeX has given us an opportunity to replace all of the PCs within your standard bank branch,” Jones said. Banks can remove old laptop and desktop computers and use only mobile devices, empowering employees to move freely around the branch and then dock in to work from any DeX station they choose.

Many banks have adopted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and thin clients to replace traditional desktop computers. DeX is a natural extension of this movement because of its cross-platform capabilities. Bank employees can launch their VDI client from within DeX, whether its Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces.

“Banks are in a transformation period where they’re on the road to mobilization,” Jones said. “As they look at that path, some applications and data sets can mobilize much faster than others.”

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