Two emerging technologies that have captured the attention of retailers in the last year are wearable technology and virtual reality. We spoke to Diane Ashby, senior business enterprise development manager at Samsung Electronics America, about how businesses can implement these solutions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in-store.

Wearables: Responsive by Design

“Wearables are designed to digitize tasks,” Ashby said. “In doing so, it makes employees more productive, but it also enables them to meet the needs of customers much faster.”

This boost in responsiveness, Ashby explained, creates highly positive customer experiences.

VR: Try Before You Buy

“VR can be incorporated in a way to meet customers where they are,” said Ashby.

She’s referring to the way VR enables customers to walk into an environment and imagine life with the product. With VR, consumers have a unique opportunity to experience living in an environment, wearing a piece of clothing from a store or consuming something from a retailer before ultimately making a purchase.

VR and wearable technology are gaining traction in the retail space. Smart retailers won’t wait to invest in maximizing the potential of crafting strong, immersive, interactive experiences that will leave customers coming back for more.

Watch the video above for more information on how these emerging technologies are elevating customer immersion.