Foldable mobile devices are going mainstream in business as Samsung continues to introduce new and exciting features with each Galaxy Z series release. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is the most advanced foldable yet, enabling mobile productivity like you never thought possible.

The 7.6-inch tablet display and multi-window experience on Galaxy Z Fold5 represent an opportunity for end users and developers alike. With the extra screen real estate, developers are customizing their apps for the foldable form factor and effectively making them more like desktop apps.

Here are some of the leading business software providers Samsung is partnering with to accelerate innovation and refine optimization on its foldable devices, like Galaxy Z Fold5:

1. Bloomberg Professional

If you work in finance and are familiar with the Bloomberg Professional mobile app, you know that it’s an absolute game-changer for monitoring the markets, making decisions, and communicating with clients and colleagues on the go. The app’s intuitive interface is even more powerful on the Galaxy Z Fold5, thanks to the expanded screen and foldable-optimized app layout. Access the Bloomberg Terminal wherever you are and log in to use messaging, IB chat, worksheets and more, all in the palm of your hand. A large percentage of IB messaging is already conducted via the app on Samsung devices, and that trend will likely continue to grow as more and more financial professionals invest in foldables for portable productivity.

2. Bigin by Zoho CRM

It’s a moment that nearly all salespeople can relate to. You leave a productive customer meeting with a well-outlined to-do list, and by the time you get back to your home office, you can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something. But with Bigin by Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to capture those action items while on the go. Historically, customer relationship management software has been heavily desktop-oriented — but Bigin by Zoho CRM is changing that.

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The app is now optimized for many different screen sizes, including Galaxy Z Fold5’s expansive main display, where you can quickly view and update everything you need to know in terms of where any given customer stands in your sales cycle. Bigin by Zoho CRM supports Galaxy Z Fold5’s Multi-Active Windows, allowing you to split your screen to show different aspects of the app. For example, you can stay on top of all your activities, get notified of upcoming events, and access one single view of all your customer data without toggling back and forth, even while on the go.

“Ever since our launch in 2020, our focus has been to deliver a simple, mobile-first, pipeline-centric CRM experience for small and micro businesses by bridging the gap between spreadsheets and full-scale CRM solutions,” says Subash Subbiah, head of product management, mobile CX platform, Zoho. “Our partnership with Samsung has allowed us to deliver seamless customer information and collaboration on-the-go with features such as Flex Mode for hands-free multitasking, a rich note-taking experience with S Pen and extending work to larger devices using DeX mode. As businesses look to maximize revenue and retain customers in an uncertain economy, we are committed to offering an intuitive CRM experience for desktop, mobile and now foldables — to achieve measurable business success and offer memorable customer experiences.”

3. DocuSign

Field workers need to be able to complete their forms, orders and contracts on mobile devices. Ubiquitous in business as a streamlined, digital agreement tool, DocuSign works beautifully on Galaxy Z Fold5 in the DocuSign eSignature mobile app.

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Here’s how it works: If you see an email attachment that requires your signature, you can download and/or open the attachment and split your screen between email and the DocuSign eSignature app. Drag and drop the attachment into eSignature and swipe the email window outward to close it so that DocuSign is in full screen. Now, fold the device into Flex Mode and set it horizontally on a flat surface. Just like that, you have your contract or form in the top half of the screen and the signature field at the bottom, ready for you to sign with your finger or optional S Pen. DocuSign eSignature for Galaxy Z Fold5 enables faster agreement creation, editing and electronic signature from almost anywhere, at any time.

4. FreshBooks

Invoicing and accounting software provider FreshBooks is also optimized for Multi-Active Windows. In split screen, you can reference client project details alongside your accounting dashboards and create invoices in minutes. Use the split screen to compare side-by-side data within the FreshBooks platform, or refer to information in another app like email or Microsoft Excel. “Since most of our small business owners work on their mobile devices, it made complete sense to partner with Samsung to allow them to access the FreshBooks Android app on the Samsung mobile platform,” says George Kyriakis, senior director of business development for FreshBooks.

The larger screen naturally gives you room to fill out invoice fields with ease. If you’ve previously been tied to a desktop to send invoices, the mobile invoicing capabilities of FreshBooks on Galaxy Z Fold5 not only improve your personal productivity but also keep cash flow for your business moving faster and more efficiently.

5. Microsoft Teams

Hands-free videoconferencing is one of the most useful on-the-go productivity features on Galaxy Z Fold5, thanks to Flex Mode. Even while traveling, you can sign into Microsoft Teams meetings and turn on your camera. With Galaxy Z Fold5 flexed and sitting on your desk, you’ll always present yourself in the best and most professional light.

The additional screen real estate on Galaxy Z Fold5 makes Microsoft Teams feel and function like the desktop app. While you’re chatting, you can see all your conversations on the left and the selected conversation on the right, making it easier to keep multiple chats going throughout your workday.

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During videoconferences, you can see more participants all at once by using Teams in full screen. Need to multitask? That’s where Flex Mode comes in extra handy (or more like hands-free). Let your Teams meeting occupy half of the screen while you use the other half to check emails, reference documents or take notes with the S Pen. Galaxy Z Fold5 is also the best mobile device for live screen sharing and whiteboarding on Teams.

6. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been built into Samsung’s flagship smartphones for the past few generations. The native integration is more powerful than ever on Galaxy Z Fold5, where Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint are deeply optimized for the foldable display.

No more condensed hamburger menus; the top ribbon menus you’ve become accustomed to on your PC are now right there on your mobile device, too. Viewing the File, Home, Format, Insert and Formula menus on your mobile device makes it much easier to edit documents and slideshows — or even create them from scratch. As you add comments to a document, you’ll see your comments alongside the original text.

Microsoft has enabled drag and drop for when you have Office open side-by-side with other apps. You can drag photos from Gallery directly to PowerPoint, or pull a paragraph from your Outlook inbox directly into a Word document.

Galaxy Z Fold5 makes mobile productivity easy because of the hard work that has been done by Samsung and its partners. These are just a few of the optimized Galaxy Z Fold5 apps that will change the way you do business. There’s always Webex, Folia, BlueJeans by Verizon, Wrike and more. Once you have your Galaxy Z Fold5 in hand, you’ll discover new productivity apps and hacks every day. Plus, take advantage of special discounts and perks from participating business app partners.

Unfold next-level productivity for your business with Galaxy Z Fold5 today. And see how much your company could save by replacing legacy tech with foldables using this simple cost calculator.

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