What do people talk about at the ultimate event for the media, entertainment and technology industries? Why, the future of immersive content, of course.

NAB is the place to see and discuss how to tell captivating stories in all sorts of formats and mediums. While at the conference in Las Vegas, I interviewed some of the leading industry experts and influencers about how they’re telling stories in virtual reality (VR) and 360 video.

Brian Seth Hurst, president of StoryTech Immersive, believes that the future of virtual reality comes down to not only putting yourself in places you physically can’t be, but also giving people the ability to learn more about each other. “The technology is just getting better and better,” he said. “The workflows are [improving] — and it’s just going to get easier.”

Director/videographer Lex Halaby agreed. “All of the tools are continuing to advance, and as they get further along, you get a more realistic image. That’s the best thing you can ask for as an immersive filmmaker.”

Were you at NAB this year? What do you think content will look like in five years? And how will VR play a part in that experience?

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