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10 Reasons Why Business Users Should Switch to the Galaxy Note9

In today’s mobile economy, smartphones are critical to our personal and professional productivity. We rely on them to stay connected, collaborate with colleagues and keep up to speed with work when on the go. According to a Frost and Sullivan study commissioned by Samsung, smartphones boost productivity by as much as 34 percent.

But when it comes to business features, not every smartphone is created equal. From the outset, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been all about enabling users to do more with their phone. Samsung’s new, super powerful Galaxy Note9 takes that to the next level, from the large 6.4-in. display and enhanced S Pen to the DeX platform, which lets you extend your phone to the desktop.

If you or your team aren’t using a Galaxy Note today, here are 10 reasons why switching to the Galaxy Note9 makes sense for business users:

1. Infinity Display: With its 6.4-in. Infinity Display, the Note9 lets you see and do more on your phone. This screen real estate is great when you’re consuming content — watching videos, Internet browsing, reviewing a PDF — but it also enables many of the S Pen productivity features discussed below. Even if you need to work outside, the sun’s glare won’t slow you down. Thanks to the Super AMOLED display, the Note9 gives you a cinema-quality screen with sharp, true-to-life color — indoors and out.

2. S Pen: Don’t you hate it when you have a great idea and lose it before you have a chance to write it down? That won’t happen with a Note9. You can take notes on the go, without unlocking your phone, just by taking out the S Pen and writing on the screen. With the Air Command menu, you can fully leverage the power of the S Pen, highlighting and translating text, annotating PDFs and documents, even quickly lassoing part of an image. Plus, now you can use the S Pen as a remote control thanks to its Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities. Control presentations or capture photos like never before, and take work to the next level.

3. App Pair: Toggling between apps is inefficient, and sometimes you need to use two different apps at the same time. The Note series has had multi-window capabilities for many years, but the Note9 features App Pair, which lets you pair two apps to launch them at once. For example, if you need to participate in a video conference call and read the meeting agenda, you can pair Skype and Microsoft Word and view the content side by side. It’s another feature that lets you make full use of the Note9’s Infinity Display.

4. Battery Life: The Note9 boasts the largest battery in a Note yet — a battery that will outlast your longest work day. It also supports the latest fast wireless charging technology and power-saving features that allow you to extend your battery life when you really need to. You’ll never again be stuck tethered to a plug, trying to get some juice before rushing to your next meeting.

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5. More Storage: If you’re running out of space on your current smartphone and having to make tough choices on which apps and photos to delete, switching to the Note9 is sure to relieve your storage pressure. The Note9 comes standard with a 128GB of built-in storage, with a 512GB version also available for those with really big storage needs. What’s more, you can expand storage up to 2TB via the microSD slot.

6. Samsung DeX: Samsung DeX lets you enjoy a true mobile-powered desktop experience with the Note9. With the help of an HDMI or multiport adaptor, you can connect the Note9 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to launch the DeX platform. Samsung DeX offers an intuitive desktop UX, with resizable windows, keyboard short-cuts, drag-and-drop and right mouse click functionality. The latest DeX upgrade also allows you to continue to work on your phone while it powers the desktop computing experience.

7. Dual Messenger: If you use the same messaging apps for work and play, switching between accounts can be a real pain. Dual Messenger on the Note9 solves that problem. Rather than logging in and out of accounts, you can run the app as two separate instances. This way, you never miss an important message from your colleagues and customers, or your friends and family. Dual Messenger works for Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. It also sets up the screen to ensure you won’t accidentally post the wrong photos or statuses to the incorrect account!

8. Great Camera — Front and Back: Whether you are taking photos on vacation or on a video conference, the Note9 has you covered. The primary rear camera features a Dual Aperture lens that adapts automatically between F1.5 and F2.4 depending on available light. And the 8MP front camera with smart focusing makes your video chats sharper than ever.

9. Secure Folder: Using a single smartphone for work and personal use can lead to privacy or data security concerns. With Secure Folder, you can keep all your personal apps and data in one place, putting additional security measures such as biometric authentication in place to make it even more secure. Switching to the Galaxy Note9 not only brings with it huge benefits for you, but it also incorporates the defense-grade Samsung Knox platform, which offers device protection from the chip up, making it easier than ever for IT departments manage and secure mobile devices.

10. Smart Switch: Getting a new phone is exciting, but migrating your apps and data can drain the joy out of getting that shiny new device. Switching to the Galaxy Note9 is easy thanks to Samsung Smart Switch, which enables you to seamlessly transfer contacts, photos, messages and other data from your old device. Choose from one of three simple ways: transfer content directly from your old phone wirelessly, transfer content directly from your old phone via USB cable or you can transfer content from a PC or Mac to your new Galaxy Note9 phone.

Can your current phone do all that? If not, maybe it’s time to let the new, super powerful Galaxy Note9 help you be more productive at work and on the go. Switch today.

Discover how the Galaxy Note9 can bring a new level of productivity to your work day.

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