One of the major advantages of having digital signage over printed posters is the ability to program displays according to a specific schedule — and update it instantaneously. But perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having digital displays is the ability to personalize the experience.

I recently spoke with Samsung’s Shari Sentlowitz about a pair of Samsung solutions called Spot and Trigger.

The Samsung Spot solution uses a Samsung display, a motion-sensor camera and the Spot feature in MagicInfo, Samsung’s digital signage software solution. Spot “sees” what you pick up or touch and can then serve up content on the display that is relevant to what you touched. It also collects analytics to report back to the retailer. Pretty sweet!

Another motion-based solution is Trigger.

“Retailers can program different types of ‘triggers’ or events,” Sentlowitz explained. This helps to make a trip to a store a bit more dynamic.

For example, if a customer touches or picks up a product, the display is triggered to show specific content — often about the product.

I was able to test this out in the restaurant area of Samsung’s booth at a recent event when I picked up certain food items. Trigger was also on display with the eyeshadow palettes in the retail section of the booth. When I picked up a green eyeshadow, the display changed to match the product I had in my hand.

The more I learned about this solution (and how simple it is for retailers to implement, thanks to MagicInfo), the more I realized I want this in my life (and every time I go shopping in SoHo).

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