Connecting with the connected consumer was a major focus at NRF 2019. Retailers in every sector are actively seeking new mobile solutions to enable associates to be just as connected as their customers.

I spoke with Carlos Rosado, technical presales engineer at Samsung, about how connected teams — armed with the right devices — are improving customer experiences.

“For a team to be truly connected, it means having those tools to be able to interact … not only with customers, but with your team internally. If you can help them, then any sale can be done faster and more efficiently,” Rosado said.

These connected solutions can be applied across a range of verticals, including restaurants, financial institutions and manufacturers.

“Connected teams have the power to provide faster and more personalized services for customers as soon as they step into a store,” Rosado added. He believes that giving staff the right devices can reinvent the in-store shopping experience. “Knowing how your customers shop — and knowing that customer data — means you can understand your customer better.”

Data and mobile devices are drastically improving associate performance in today’s retail enterprise.