While working in the field, you need to be sure your device not only gets the job done, but can hold up to demanding, often unpredictable conditions. Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Tab Active2 passed 21 rigorous tests to receive the MIL-STD 810G certification, easing worries of damaging drops, shocks, moisture, temperature variations and other threats.

In this SBTV episode, host Reid Estreicher shows off the rugged features of the Galaxy Tab Active2 that protect it in the field, as well as the capabilities that enable the device to provide a seamless workflow in any environment. This includes data capture: You can use the S Pen to take digital notes, and not only capture a signature, but the exact time and location it was taken — allowing you to complete the transition from paper-based form filling to full digitization. And it’s all protected by defense-grade security through Samsung Knox.

Samsung also teamed up with several partners to create added capabilities specifically for the Galaxy Tab Active2. With the RAM® Mounts solution, you can mount your device onto your dashboard or elevate it in an office environment, while the Portsmith charging dock allows you to charge up to five devices at once.

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