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How to Use the Microsoft Your Phone Companion App on the Galaxy Note10

Ever wish you had instant access to your recent smartphone photos, texts and notifications right on your PC? You can now view them all using the Microsoft Your Phone Companion app.

Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion, which has been integrated natively into the Samsung Galaxy Note10, allows you to see up to 25 of your most recent photos, send and receive text messages and get notifications that an email, text or call has arrived on your smartphone.

If you’re tired of emailing yourself photos just to get them onto your PC or you’d really rather not rummage around for your phone every time you want to respond to a text, then you may find Your Phone especially handy.

Syncing your Note10 to your PC with Your Phone is easy. Here’s how to do it.

Set Up the Your Phone Companion App on Your PC

Before you start, first make sure that you’re signed into your PC with the same Microsoft account you intend to use for Your Phone. This tip especially applies if you’re using a shared PC in an office or home environment.

Now, here’s how to install Your Phone on your PC:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store, search for Your Phone Companion and download it.
  2. Click “Sign in” to sign in with your Microsoft account. When that’s done, you’ll see a blue “Launch” button. Click it.
  3. Your Phone will launch on your PC and ask you to specify your mobile OS. Select Android and click “Get Started.”
  4. When the setup process is complete, Microsoft Your Phone will ask you to provide the phone number to your Galaxy Note10 so it can send a text message to the device.
  5. Then, you’ll see a screen saying “Please open Your Phone Companion — Link to Windows.” Now it’s time to set up the Link to Windows app on your Note10.

Set Up the Link to Windows App on Your Note10

You’re in the home stretch now. Here’s how to set up Link to Windows on your Note10.

  1. Swipe downwards from the top of your screen to reveal your quick access panel. Tap Link to Windows. You can also access the feature by opening Settings, tapping “Connections” and navigating down to where it says “Link to Windows.” For other Samsung smartphones which don’t feature Link to Windows, you can download and install the Your Phone Companion app from Google Play.
  2. You’ll see a welcome screen that says “Sign in to start linking.” Tap the “Sign in with Microsoft” button.
  3. You should see a screen saying “You’re currently signed in” with your Microsoft account listed below. Tap “Continue.”
  4. After accepting the app permissions, you’ll see a screen saying “Set up the Your Phone app on your PC.” Tap “My PC is ready,” since you’ve already installed Your Phone on your PC.
  5. You’ll see the Link to Windows settings open up on your Note10, indicating that you’re connected to your PC.
  6. If you have the Your Phone app open on your PC, you’ll see it begin to load recent photos from your Note10. If you don’t have the Your Phone app open on your PC, open it now.

You’re all set! Once you open the Your Phone app on your PC, you should begin seeing up to 25 of your most recent photos and screenshots, your most recent text conversations, and notifications about incoming emails, texts and calls.

Using Your Phone is extremely simple and intuitive. Just click between tabs to access photo, send texts and view notifications.

With Your Phone, you now have a handy option for transferring photos to your PC and keeping up with communications on your Note10 — all directly from your Windows PC.

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