Prismview may no longer be a YESCO company, but the connection between the two is still stronger than most. Their long-standing partnership transcends “business as usual”; it’s a relationship built on years of teamwork, countless projects and lifelong friendships.

To this day, they continue to collaborate on projects big and small — and time after time, their unity means lasting success for clients.

New beginnings spark creativity and success

For decades, the Prismview team operated under the YESCO name as YESCO Electronics, a division of one of the country’s oldest and most accomplished sign service companies.

But in 2015, YESCO Electronics was acquired by Samsung, taking on a new name: Prismview, a Samsung Company.

With Samsung’s support, Prismview rapidly expanded its electronic capabilities, developing innovative LED boards that broadcast crisp, clear images — and gaining clients around the world. And thanks to their years with YESCO, Prismview’s team started out with strong industry expertise.

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“We come from the understanding that products should be built strong and stay strong — no matter what,” says Neil Whitaker, senior key account manager.

In turn, YESCO stayed true to its roots, recommitting itself to offering one-of-a-kind sign service and design.

When friendship and business go hand-in-hand

But the acquisition didn’t end the relationship between the two companies. Many of Prismview’s current team members spent decades building up close friendships and working relationships with their YESCO colleagues. Those friendships endure — and beyond that, the companies continue to collaborate on over 100 projects each year.

Whitaker began working with YESCO Electronics over 30 years ago. A lot has changed since then, but Whitaker still visits YESCO’s Las Vegas offices a few times each month to talk business — and catch up with old friends. “We begin by talking about work, but the discussions often lead to debates over where we’ll ski the next time we’re all in Utah together,” says Whitaker.

The companies’ common history lays a unique foundation for projects, affording familiarity from the start. Each understands how the other works, which opens the door to more honest communication — and facilitates quick project turnaround. A recent project the pair completed for the American Eagles Outfitters is a testament to this conviction.

A tight deadline calls for an expert team

In August, YESCO approached Prismview with a proposition: American Eagle had tapped them to design the LED signage for the new Las Vegas headquarters. Now, YESCO wanted Prismview on board to manufacture the project’s cutting-edge display — but the project deadline was tight.

“They approached us on a Thursday and asked for a project proposal by the following Monday,” says Ben Sewell, a director of sales at Prismview. “The project needed to be pulled off in just a few months — all the boards had to be shipped out before Christmas — so we were certainly in a bit of a crunch.”

For most companies, a deadline that tight would be near impossible. But for Prismview and YESCO, it was a seamless team effort. YESCO’s thorough understanding of Prismview’s products helped them design a unique display — a complex series of 8-millimeter pixel-pitch LED boards that would wrap around American Eagle’s headquarters — quickly and easily. In turn, Prismview’s team is accustomed to creating one-of-a-kind displays, and their Logan, Utah, manufacturing facility made for fast, secure, straightforward shipping.

Making American Eagle’s Las Vegas headquarters shine brightly

Beyond being familiar business partners, the project managers for YESCO and Prismview are longtime friends — making communication a piece of cake. Day and night, the teams coordinated on every aspect of the project — from design and permitting to structural and engineering. They kept in touch with regular conference calls, in-person meetings, and site visits to the American Eagle offices. Despite everything, they were able to pull the project together in time. In December, American Eagle cut the ribbon at their Las Vegas store, dazzling shoppers with a jaw-droppingly crisp LED display.

For Prismview and YESCO, the future promises more collaboration: for sports spectacles, displays along the iconic Vegas Strip and beyond. “Because of our common history and our unique background as part of the YESCO family, YESCO continues to be and will always be our single most important ongoing relationship with a channel partner,” says Whitaker. Their relationship is built on years of hard work and innovation — and there’s no doubt that the best is yet to come.

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