Trucking is hard work, for drivers as well as their in-cab technology. Bumpy roads, truck vibrations, inclement weather and harsh sunlight can all take a toll on dash-mounted electronics such as GPS, smartphones and tablets. But Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Active3 was designed with the transportation industry in mind. It’s durable enough to meet military ruggedization standards, and with its No Battery Mode — which allows it to operate without a battery when connected to the vehicle’s power source — the tablet is ideal for in-cab use.

That’s good news for trucking companies looking to move away from traditional in-cab technology that relies on expensive proprietary hardware and outdated, sluggish single-vendor software solutions. Instead, industry innovators like Schneider and Mesilla Valley Transportation are investing in flexible cloud-based telematics solutions that integrate driver workflows with navigation, electronic logging devices (ELDs) and messaging. And rather than using built-in hardware, they’re opting for mobile devices that provide greater flexibility for drivers.

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Leading dash installation equipment like RAM Mounts keep the tablets front and center, so drivers can easily view navigation, assignments and messages from their seat without being distracted. By hardwiring the tablets into the vehicle’s power source, trucking companies ensure that tablets’ battery life will never be a problem on the road and that devices won’t overheat when exposed to hours of direct sunlight.

Here’s how No Battery Mode works on the Galaxy Tab Active3 with installation equipment from RAM Mounts:

How to install a RAM Mount and hardwire a Tab Active3

Installing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 in No Battery Mode is simple, thanks to its compatibility with leading in-cab mounting systems like those from RAM. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the dash panel to the right of the steering wheel, or wherever the tablet should be positioned.
  2. Connect the GDS hardwire power delivery charger to the truck’s power source.
  3. Connect the USB-C female connector on the charger to the RAM Tough Case and secure the tablet in the form-fit Tough Case Holder.
  4. Mount the charger to the back of the dash panel and put the dash panel back in place.
  5. Attach the RAM Universal Backing Plate Mount to the front of the dash panel.
  6. Prepare the Tab Active3 to use the vehicle’s power source by either removing the battery or activating No Battery Mode in the Settings menu.
  7. Insert the tablet (with or without battery) into the RAM Tough Case, secure the screws and place the device in the mount.

Now the tablet is ready to hit the road.

Durable, flexible, futureproof trucking technology

As trucking companies innovate their way into a new era of transportation, they’re investing in cutting-edge solutions that are durable enough to power a fleet on the move — and flexible enough to adapt and scale over time. They need the same reliability and versatility from in-vehicle hardware.

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By hardwiring Tab Active3 devices into trucks, you ensure the devices will keep running through full shifts and long trips — and there’s no chance of the battery overheating due to prolonged sun exposure. And yet, thanks to the 7-foot power cable for the RAM Tough Case, the tablets aren’t totally stuck in place, either. Drivers can easily pass the device through the truck window to share data with inspection agents or anyone else who needs to see it. They can also move their tablet to the sleeper cab to complete documentation or plan the next day’s trip from the comfort of their home away from home.

With the rugged tablet’s No Battery Mode and its easy integration with industry-leading products like RAM Mounts, the Tab Active3 is born to ride, and durable enough for the long haul.

As you look for the tablet that best suits your drivers’ needs, consider the breadth of Samsung’s mobile transportation solutions. And while you’re upgrading your drivers’ in-vehicle mobile technology, ensure you maintain ELD compliance with this free webinar guide to how — and why — it can benefit your fleet.

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