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RAM Mounts Spurs Manufacturing Efficiency With Digital Transformation

RAM Mounts, a division of National Products, Inc., depended on a paper-based production system for manufacturing. This meant inefficiencies at almost every step of the way — from inventory management to quality control to HR. A digital transformation of all processes was necessary to deliver transparency across workflows and decrease human error.

The elimination of paper-based recordkeeping through the use of Samsung mobile devices such as the Galaxy Tab Active2 transformed the production processes at RAM Mounts. Employees no longer have to worry about losing paper orders on the shop floor or hunting for an order status. They can simply log in to the mobile device through a proprietary app to record updates and access the information they need.

RAM Mounts now uses Samsung devices in every stage of their varied manufacturing processes: in plastics for quality control, in diecast for maintenance and inventory management and in assembly for printing labels and inventory management.

The mobile devices deliver superior efficiencies and increase manufacturing uptime — a crucial KPI. The rugged nature and powerful computing capabilities of Samsung devices make them especially suitable for manufacturing environments.

Watch this video to see how Samsung worked with RAM Mounts to eliminate paper-based inefficiencies and implement smart factory principles.

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