Consumer-grade tech and tough working conditions don’t always play well together. While consumer smartphones offer great functionality for frontline workers, they’re not designed to withstand the rough treatment and extreme conditions common in logistics warehouses, at manufacturing sites and in the hands of utility and field service workers.

Heavy-duty work is an environment for ruggedized devices. But, until recently, choosing rugged mobile devices has meant making a lot of other sacrifices; the rugged options available were more expensive, less powerful and much bulkier in form-factor than the sleek consumer smartphones on the market.

That is changing with the introduction of a new breed of rugged, field-ready devices from Samsung. Combining the slim design and powerful feature set of its consumer smartphones with a durable build engineered for field use, Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro lets you get more done without the sacrifice.

Here are 10 ways the Galaxy XCover Pro will make your team field-ready:

1. Military-grade design

Transportation, utilities, manufacturing, retail and hospitality are civilian industries, but their punishing work environments mean that they need equipment that’s military tough. For mobile devices, that means meeting the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810 standard. The Galaxy XCover Pro has passed a battery of durability tests, including functioning normally after being dropped 26 times from a height of 5 feet and exposed to hours of constant vibration.

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2. Work anyplace, anytime

Being field-ready means you can take a device fearlessly into just about any extreme work environment you can think of. MIL-STD-810G testing for the XCover Pro included exposure to temperatures from −40 F to 176 F, operating at an altitude of 15,000 feet, salt spray, icing, solar radiation and humidity.

3. Water and dust resistant

Work in the rain, or in wet and dusty environments? The Galaxy XCover Pro is IP68 certified: It survived 30 minutes of submersion in 5 feet of water and is impervious to dust and dirt. Frontline workers can expose the phone to the elements without fear of damage.

4. You can keep the gloves on

Field workers need gloves to protect their hands from the elements. Most smartphone touchscreens and gloves? Not such a good fit. The XCover Pro lets frontline workers keep their gloves on with its enhanced touch mode and the inclusion of large tactile buttons. More on those below!

5. Easy push-to-talk

Frontline workers have long relied on two-way radios for voice communications. When the pressure is on, they simply don’t have time to open the dialer app and tap in a number. Smart push-to-talk (PTT) integrations allow XCover Pro users to initiate group conversations instantly, just like a walkie-talkie. The XCover Pro’s programmable button can be configured to activate two-way or group conversations. Available PTT integrations on the XCover Pro include the new Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie functionality, Verizon Push to Talk Plus and ESChat, among others.

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6. Quickly launch key apps

Beyond PTT, the XCover Pro’s programmable keys can be configured to support other frequently repeated tasks, whether scanning barcodes, opening an inventory management app, or just turning on the flashlight. These smart shortcuts help frontline workers move faster and be more productive. With multiple apps at their fingertips, workers can rely on one device for seamless workflows and collaboration anywhere.

7. Field-replaceable battery

The Galaxy XCover Pro has a fast-charging battery that is rated for 14 hours and is easy to replace in the field, so users can work without interruption through even the longest shifts. Heavy-duty pogo pin connectors mean rock-solid dependability for connecting to the charger or attaching peripherals.

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8. Versatile high-res cameras

For field workers performing inspections or troubleshooting onsite issues, a picture speaks a thousand words. The XCover Pro features high-resolution front and rear cameras that allow workers to quickly capture photos and video, or even launch a video call to share what they’re seeing with a remote technician. For retail, transportation and logistics, high-res cameras also mean highly effective barcode scanning with today’s innovative mobile scanning applications.

9. Strong partner ecosystem

Moving from single-purpose devices to smartphones opens up a world of opportunity. Businesses can empower productivity by leveraging Samsung’s rich ecosystem of software and hardware integrations on the Galaxy XCover Pro.

10. Secure, compliant and customizable

Business data is secured by the built-in, defense-grade Samsung Knox platform and advanced biometric authentication capabilities, protecting your phone from the chip up. If a phone is lost or stolen, business data is protected. Businesses can also leverage Samsung solutions like Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure and Knox Manage to enroll, customize and remotely manage hundreds of devices as if they were one.

Learn more about how Samsung’s rugged device line can support your frontline workers in almost any environment. Not sure rugged is right for you? Take this quick assessment to find the best smartphone for your business.

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