Digital displays have the ability to transform environments and elevate experiences. A dull wall in a parking garage becomes an immersive art installation. A static lobby welcome sign morphs into a dynamic amplifier of helpful, relevant information. A sports stadium centerhang goes from merely keeping score to becoming an interactive extension of on-field play.

The transformative power of digital signage is on full display at Fifth and Broadway, a new multi-use development in downtown Nashville, featuring a luxury high-rise tower, Class-A offices, eclectic food hall, heated outdoor music venue and 200,000 square feet of walkable shops and attractions.

Woven throughout this complex is a 15-screen signage network that offers an unprecedented digital canvas, the likes of which the city has never seen. Samsung’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) experts were brought in to help bring the developer’s digital vision to life.

Amplifying excitement

For the Samsung team, the objective was to amplify what people already love about the area. “The displays are helping bring even more vibrance and an energy to a city that already has it,” says Daniel Sturdivant, sales manager for Samsung Spectaculars and DOOH. “They only enhance the spectacular that already is Nashville.”

How to plan and deploy direct view LED signage

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In the end, that meant delivering the two network’s primary screens, both of which were Samsung XPE080 direct view LEDs. One is a 40-by-25-foot, 8mm sign that greets visitors as they enter the complex (known as the “Welcome to Nashville” sign), and the other is an interior installation, a 48-by-20-foot, 8mm display projecting over Sixth Avenue North (known as the “L Street Live” sign).

Designing for engagement

“From a visual aspect and a clarity aspect, the 8mm display we selected is top-tier in its design, and ideal for proximity and viewing,” says Sturdivant. “It’s also optimal in terms of efficiency, maintenance and longevity. Samsung always produces a well-rounded product.”

Location design was important, too. “The sign locations are strategically placed to capture the motion and movement of people moving through the space,” says Sturdivant. “The idea was to use these screens to show content that would add to the emotion of that journey.”

Taking Nashville to the next level

From livestreamed concerts to interactive experiences to animated public announcements or brand messages, the displays will add another layer of excitement and energy to the area.

“This technology creates energy, color and activity inside this venue,” says Sturdivant. “It changes static to motion and brings things to life. You knew Nashville before these displays were there. It was a fun, exciting city. Now, these displays have brought the technology to match the entertainment.”

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