Small or medium-sized businesses (SMB) need their teams to be ready to work from anywhere, at any moment, and as efficiently as possible.

There will be some employees — especially the power users, like developers and content creators — who may be hunkered down at an office to collaborate with their peers. People in sales, however, often need to travel back and forth to conduct meetings with clients. Field workers, too, are often hurrying from one job to another. And in today’s era of hybrid work, it’s common for workers to be constantly traveling between various workplaces.

Regardless of the role they play, everyone working at an SMB relies on technology to communicate and to manage their workflow. In most cases, a traditional desktop that keeps them tethered to a fixed location no longer fulfills their needs.

Productivity and mobility go hand in hand, so remote and hybrid workers need a true mobile PC — like Samsung’s Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro. These devices are designed to keep users connected and provide flexibility to let them do their best work from anywhere, including from home.

Here are 10 ways the Galaxy Book supports today’s business users for maximum productivity:

1. It offers ultra-portability

There used to be an unfortunate tradeoff in owning a laptop: The more powerful its capabilities, the heavier it was to lug around.

Given that the average employee is juggling multiple workplaces today, no one wants to carry a device that’s cumbersome or inconvenient. When hardware becomes more of a burden, it’s tempting to stay put rather than go where you’re supposed to be.

That’s not an issue with the Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro. They’re incredibly thin and portable PCs, with hardware composed of lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium.

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Measuring 15.4mm and weighing 3.55 pounds, the Galaxy Book is as comfortable to carry as it is stylish. The Galaxy Book Pro is even thinner and lighter, measuring 11.2 mm and weighing as little as 1.9 pounds.

Ultra-portable translates into ultra-productive, because you can always take your work with you.

2. It’s lightning-fast, to keep pace with you

The longer an employee has to wait to download a large file, stream a video or have an app send a request back to the server, the more disruptive it is to their workflow — hindering overall productivity.

Companies shouldn’t have to think twice about whether their PCs can keep up with their needs. Your business technology should be optimized to let your team get on with their tasks, rather than introduce friction into their workflow.

Samsung has addressed this in the Galaxy Book lineup, incorporating powerful 11th Gen Core i5 and i7 processors. The ultra-slim Galaxy Book Pro’s processor is also Intel EVO-certified, having passed rigorous tests for factors like how quickly the device “wakes up” from sleep mode and the responsiveness of the battery, as well as other key experience indicators.

As a result, you get greater peace of mind, knowing that the Galaxy Book or Galaxy Book Pro will offer your team exceptional performance, no matter how much multitasking they need to do.

3. It’s optimized to make you camera-ready

Collaboration is no longer limited to the boardroom, or to your customer’s office. Today, it often involves connecting with people over videoconference — which means ensuring you appear professional.

Trying to find a quiet room, setting up the right lighting and double-checking there’s nothing distracting in the background can become a hassle, taking your focus away from the meeting itself. Galaxy Books remove that stress with a camera and other conferencing solutions that optimize video call quality. These features includes “Studio Mode,” which uses filters designed to enhance your appearance on screen. The Privacy Key also makes it easy to toggle your camera on and off.

You’ll spend less time straining to hear people or asking them to repeat themselves, thanks to the Galaxy Book’s dual array microphones. These use a technology called beamforming to deliver clearer voice quality, and they use artificial intelligence (AI) to remove noise pollution by isolating and detecting unwanted sounds.

4. It lets you access your phone from your PC

As much as you and your team love your laptops, you’re going to continue using your smartphones too. When you set up your PC, it’s easy to be distracted by messages and app notifications popping up on your phone out of the corner of your eye.

Galaxy Books let you mirror your entire phone, including apps, using Link to Windows, also known as Microsoft Your Phone. Not only can you track all your phone notifications right from your Galaxy Book, you can also make calls or send texts on your PC without even touching your phone.

Link to Windows lets you drag and drop images from your smartphone’s gallery straight to your desktop for a more seamless workflow across your devices. Compare that to all the times you’ve emailed yourself content to access it from another device.

5. It features Quick Share for one-tap file sharing

Today’s work involves constantly providing content to other people — whether they’re members of your team, your partners or even customers.

Meetings are more productive when you can share content in real time, rather than sending items afterward. The Galaxy Book lineup features Quick Share, which lets you send files, photos or videos with a single tap. The process is as simple as choosing the content you want, designating a recipient and having them click “Accept.” They can then retrieve the content on their Galaxy Book or their smartphone.

Best of all, Quick Share can be used to send content to multiple people at the same time, rather than individually.

6. It lets you connect your Buds automatically

The most productive people learn not to waste an opportunity. Even walking from one location to another can be a chance to catch up on a podcast or take a call that you might otherwise postpone.

If you switch from walking to sitting down at your desk, though, you may have to stop, adjust your PC or smartphone’s audio settings, disconnect from the device you were listening on and pair your headphones with another.

The Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro prevent these kinds of hiccups by providing full continuity with the rest of your Galaxy ecosystem. This means your PC connects easily to your phone, and your Galaxy Buds can toggle back and forth between different devices with ease.

7. It gives you all-day power and convenience

If you notice your device has low battery and you don’t act quickly enough, you risk losing your work. Even if that a doesn’t happen, productivity grinds to a halt if you don’t have a charging cable handy.

The Galaxy Book lineup only needs one adapter, so you can leave behind all the extra dongles and have more room to carry your charger. But you may not need to bring it with you often, because the Galaxy Book Pro lasts up to 21 hours on a single charge. When you do have to recharge it, it’s done in a snap, so you can quickly get the power you need for that last meeting of the day.

8. It supports Second Screen on a Galaxy tablet

Dual monitors can provide more comfortable ergonomics as well as a productivity boost, by letting employees view multiple apps at once. On one screen, they might be working on a presentation, while using another screen to watch a dashboard that tracks their online revenue.

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Moving to a mobile PC doesn’t mean giving up a dual monitor setup — something that is especially important in this age of hybrid work. Galaxy Book devices come with a Second Screen feature, which lets you wirelessly set up a tablet, like the Galaxy Tab S7, as an additional monitor. It’s a dual monitor setup that you can fit in your laptop bag.

Beyond displaying content on that second screen, you can also control your Galaxy Book with the tablet and even mark up documents using the S Pen.

9. It can make migrating content to new devices effortless

One of the most common reasons companies put off investing in new PCs is to avoid disrupting their operations, fearful that employees will struggle to set up their new machines. Manually transferring their most important data and apps onto their new device can be time-consuming.

The Smart Switch for Galaxy Book app solves this problem by streamlining data migrations into just a few clicks. You can move files, photos and even settings from your old PC, just as you would when you upgrade to a Galaxy smartphone. Using Smart Switch, you can get your Galaxy Book ready for action in no time.

10. It’s got device protection you can count on

Sometimes, devices break or need emergency repairs. It’s inevitable. For your Galaxy Book fleet, you can opt to insure your devices through Samsung Care+ for Business. The service is based on a hassle-free claims process, an extended warranty — up to five years — and coverage for accidental damage.

As your new mobile PCs increase productivity, you’ll be providing a better employee experience and a more successful business. Learn more about the Galaxy Book portfolio and why it’s the right device for you.

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