Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra, announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event on Feb. 9, are the latest edition in its Android tablet line designed for on-the-go business productivity.

With three screen sizes to choose from, the Tab S8 family is outfitted to let you work from anywhere, whether you’re in the field or back at the home office. All three feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, giving you the power and speed to multitask. With Wi-Fi 6E connectivity on Tab S8 and S8 Ultra, and the option for 5G on Tab S8+, you can eliminate the need for separate desktop or laptop PCs. Paired with the optional keyboard cases, the tablet transforms into a laptop, with Samsung DeX providing a PC-like experience to access your mobile apps. You can also connect Tab S8 to a monitor or TV, and run DeX on that larger screen while continuing to use your tablet at the same time.

The Galaxy Tab S8 line packs plenty of other features that can help you turbocharge your work. Here are 10 tips for getting more out of your new Samsung tablet:

1. Take advantage of the large display to maximize multitasking

Power users, like those creating and presenting content to customers, used to rely on their laptop for its screen size. Tab S8 Ultra gives them a more portable alternative with a 14.6-inch display that rivals most laptops. That makes it ideal for those in manufacturing using CAD/CAM applications, retail associates who want to create a mood board for customers or those in healthcare who want to share treatment information safely. At 12.4 inches and 11 inches respectively, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 have the same 120Hz sAMOLED display technology to offer brilliant viewing for those who need greater portability.

Tab S8 with S Pen

2. Mark up documents and control your tablet with the S Pen

All devices in the Tab S8 line include the powerful S Pen. When you detach the S Pen from the back of your tablet, the Air Command menu makes itself visible, allowing you to jump into quick actions. You can automatically convert handwriting to text and sync in Samsung Notes with an experience that feels more like writing on paper than ever before. Illustrate a concept for your team or bring an abstract idea to life for your client. Sketch out your next masterpiece.

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Need to control a slideshow from afar? Air Actions allow you to use gestures with your S Pen to control apps, such as advancing slides in a presentation or zooming in on the camera. You can customize these commands in the Settings app under Air Actions. And when your S Pen runs low on battery, just attach it magnetically to the back of your tablet to charge.

3. See it all at a glance with Multi-View Windows

Multitasking on a tablet has never been this productive, thanks to Multi-View Window layouts. With this feature, you can display up to four different layouts on your screen at any time. You can also adjust the height or width rather than being limited by fixed layouts. This makes it easier to work across multiple apps at once, or take notes while you’re on a video call. Use Drag & Split on your Tab S8 devices, meanwhile, to show current content on one page and new content in a split view.

Tab S8 book cover

4. Add the 2-in-1 Book Cover for laptop-like productivity

Tab S8 and Tab S8+ offer lightweight computing solutions and interactive touchscreen displays. However, if you want a full-sized tactile keyboard, consider the S8 Ultra and its advanced 2-in-1 Book Cover. It offers the keyboard functionality of a PC with fully backlit keys and shortcuts for accessing your favorite apps or DeX. You can even wirelessly share your keyboard between your S8 Ultra and your phone.

The Book Cover also has multiple standing modes so you can adjust it based on the kind of work you’re doing, and your screen will turn off and on based on whether it’s open or closed.

5. Use Samsung DeX, wired or wirelessly, on an external display

The power of Samsung DeX means you don’t need to stay tethered to your S8 tablet; using either a USB-C to HDMI cable or a wireless Miracast-enabled display, you can put your work on the big screen. Share slideshows with others in the room or increase your productivity by opting for a larger monitor where you can view all of your mobile apps. It’s never been easier to ditch the laptop, thanks to DeX.

6. Ensure you’ve got the connectivity that you and your team need

The connectivity business users need may vary by department or employee. For those working at home or in the office, all three S8 devices offer Wi-Fi 6E speeds of up to 2.4Gbps, which is almost double the speed of what they might have experienced in previous models.

In other cases, employees may have to ensure they have flexible connectivity to stay productive wherever they are, including the car or a remote site. That’s where you can take advantage of the Tab S8+ 5G that not only provides 5G connectivity, but is also faster and more secure than ever.

Video conferencing

7. Connect to higher-quality video calls more quickly

We’ve all joked about video calls that glitch or are difficult to hear, but the truth is every team needs a simple, effective way to communicate and collaborate online.

Samsung has formed partnerships with leading platforms such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Google Duo and Microsoft Teams to offer seamless integrated calling on Tab S8 devices. An ultra-wide front-facing camera on each tablet with autoframing, meanwhile, ensures a crisp and professional-looking experience. The Tab S8 line also has a three-way microphone with noise cancellation for high-quality audio, too.

8. Keep your files safe with Secure Folder

When it’s time to store sensitive information, such as financial data or personal records, use the Secure Folder feature to add an extra layer of security to your Galaxy tablet. Protected by the Samsung Knox defense-grade security platform, your Secure Folder allows you to save private information with a custom pin, pattern or even your biometrics. To get started, open the Biometrics and Security section within the Settings app and select Secure Folder. Once you’ve chosen a secure password or added a fingerprint to your device, you can find the new Secure Folder in your Android app drawer — and store anything you wish to keep protected within.

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9. Effortlessly share information across connected devices

The Tab S8 portfolio provides complete continuity across your entire Galaxy ecosystem. In other words, you’ll be able to use tools like Quickshare to send files or images from your tablet to your smartphone or other device. Buds Auto-Switch mean you could move from listening to a podcast on your phone to Tab S8 without disconnecting and reconnecting. You can also take advantage of the larger 14.5-inch display on Tab S8 Ultra and use it with your phone as a second screen.

10. Hold and manage your device more easily with One-Handed Mode

Whether you’re sliding through a presentation or taking a walking meeting, there is no shortage of moments where you may need to control your tablet one-handed. The Tab S8 line includes One-Handed Mode, which means you’ll avoid any awkward fumbling by controlling your device display and layout with just a couple of fingers. You can drag the interface for One-Handed mode to be even more productive, and you can swipe or toggle it on once it’s been enabled.

Pre-order Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ or S8 Ultra and get a free Keyboard Cover for each device ordered, plus exclusive deals and discounts with a Samsung Business Account. Is Tab S8 the right device for your business needs? Take this short assessment to find out — or do your own research with this overview of Samsung’s tablet offerings.

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