Professional sports venues have a lot to compete with. High-quality broadcasts satisfy thousands of fans who’d rather turn on the TV than travel to the stadium. But nothing can rival the live event. And as venue operators add high-tech innovations that entice fans to watch the game in person, the stadium experience becomes unforgettable.

Samsung’s Venue Experience, Redefined solution is transforming live sporting events with a whole new roster of next-generation experiences. It doesn’t start at kickoff, and it doesn’t end at the final whistle. At today’s modern stadium, the fan experience begins before they even enter through the gates and lasts long after the final score. At smart venues, stadiums can transform the entire fan journey into a more enjoyable, seamless and memorable event.

Parking and entry

Smart sensors located throughout a venue can continuously gather data to deliver real-time information to both fans and operations teams. This provides the power to efficiently manage crowd flow to eliminate bottlenecks and lengthy lines — which have always been an annoyance for fans on gameday. Live-updated LED displays and mobile apps can inform visitors where to find the entry point with the shortest line, so crowds can get through their gate without an unnecessarily long wait.

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Heavy road traffic and clustered parking lots can also be streamlined, as displays direct visitors straight to available parking spaces.

Arriving inside

Inside the Venue Redefined, real-time data and LED displays work in tandem to create an ecosystem that keeps fans informed, entertained and engaged throughout the stadium.

With the proliferation of display technology in busy places like concourses, fans no longer have to wade through a chaotic crowd to find their seats. The typical confusion of finding their way around, grabbing some food and getting to their seats can be eliminated entirely.

Easy-to-read directions and information are delivered on bright, high-resolution LED screens, and the dynamic content can be changed at a moment’s notice to suit any scenario. A large video wall can be used to advertise promotional deals at concession stands and shops, attracting fans who’d otherwise make a beeline for their seats. Sensors around the video wall count how many people stop and look (and how many pass by) so advertisers know their precise return on investment (ROI).

Watching the game

Taking in the live action at an all-digital venue is a whole new experience, too. Vivid video boards and eye-catching center-hung display systems are more expansive than ever, with advanced features like detailed instant replays and interactive messages that entertain the crowd and energize the atmosphere. And the network of screens and ribbon displays does more than just entertain. It extends the game’s visibility — so there’s no such thing as a bad seat in the house.

Modern stadium connectivity is worlds apart from the patchy networks of yore. With Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi 6 technologies, stadiums can now achieve venue-wide coverage. To add another layer of fun, fans can use their smartphones to check on their fantasy team or even take advantage of virtual reality VR (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies that interact with what’s happening on the field.

Mid-game ordering

With so much more to enjoy thanks to video boards and mobile interactions, fans can stay in their seats for as much of the game as possible, without missing a moment to beat the crowd to the concession stand at halftime.

Instead, mobile food and beverage apps allow fans to complete their orders from their smartphones. With just a few swipes, they can preorder for pickup — or, at some venues, have their order delivered right to their seat — without needing to wait in line or carry cash.

When they need to stretch their legs or stop at the restroom, fans can find their way more quickly with a network of displays situated around the venue that guide them to the nearest restrooms or concession stands, and provide an estimated wait time. While they wait, fans can watch a live feed of the game, so they don’t miss a thing.

Fans who want an experience beyond the game can follow wayfinding signage to the stadium’s beer garden or food truck row. Catching up with friends and family before, during or after the game amplifies the fan experience.

Postgame and heading home

Even when the game ends, the party doesn’t have to. Postgame activities encourage fans to extend their experience rather than rush for the exit.

Digital displays can highlight these postgame activities, such as dining options or big-screen sports broadcasts at stadium eateries and dedicated fan zones. When it’s finally time to head out, LED signage presents clear directions toward the exit, so the stream of fans can leave the venue without the usual bustle and stress.

Thanks to the synergy between LED displays, real-time data and mobile technology, Samsung’s Venue Experience, Redefined creates a holistic fan experience that makes spectators excited to come back for more. Stadium 2.0 delivers a smarter, streamlined, enhanced gameday that living rooms simply can’t compete with.

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