An LED video scoreboard has the potential to create an engaging, impressive experience for fans. But if schools only use it to show the score or flash their logo, they miss out on the visual potential of such a high-quality screen.

As a leader in LED signage, Samsung understands the power of digital display graphics better than most. “We like to say, ‘An LED sign is only as effective as the content it displays,'” explains Joseph Day, the Creative Group manager for Samsung’s Display Division Services Group.

On these premium video boards, Day often sees schools fall into the trap of displaying just basic visuals, such as white text on a solid background. There’s no flash or flair; it’s more like a reader board than anything else. For schools looking to make the most of their investment, Samsung’s Creative Group and its content creation tool The Creative Engine™ ensure that you maximize your video scoreboard.

Professional content fit for professional displays

Most schools don’t have the budget to allocate to professional graphic design services. But with The Creative Engine, schools have affordable access to professionally built templates for captivating, custom visuals.

The Creative Engine is simple to learn with user-friendly instructions. Many schools even have their students create the display content because of the ease of use, says Scott Durrant, an animator for visual interactive design within Samsung’s Display Division.

“The Creative Engine is a self-service tool,” Durrant explains. “Users choose a template, modify the color and text and press submit. Then, boom: they have a custom, professional-looking animation for their LED screen. Schools can have professional content in five minutes.”

The Creative Engine knows how to optimize content to the exact size and resolution of your particular stadium display, so you won’t get stuck with a too small or too large image. Once you’re happy with the design, just click submit and the content is sent directly to your inbox.

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“With The Creative Engine, you won’t have to buy advanced software or pay for a professional designer to create the exact look they’re going for,” says Durrant.

Schools can change content almost instantaneously, so players’ profiles can be updated with current stats and posted to the video board at a moment’s notice, even during halftime. Compare that to using a creative agency, which Durrant says can mean waiting multiple days to receive your content.

When you sell ad space and sponsorship messaging, your school can also create and manage this content on your own, adding to the sponsor packages you sell to businesses. The software is available on a subscription basis, or free if your team wants a more custom option for content.

Meet the Creative Group

For high schools and colleges that want a less hands-on approach to making content, the Creative Group’s design team can handle all asset creation. The group specializes in LED displays, a rare specialty in the world of graphic design.

“Designing content for LED screens takes particular expertise,” says Day. “There’s more to it than just creating something interesting. You need a deep understanding of the display’s technical aspects.”

Day’s team, for example, understands how an LED display’s resolution, aspect ratio and size can change the end look of their designs. Plus, they factor in a unique medium: light. “Working with light can confuse graphic designers,” says Day. “You’re dealing with the invert of colors … you can’t have as much white space, and if you go with the white background, it will blind people as they drive past at night.”

Thanks to their years of combined insight, Day’s team knows exactly how to capture fans’ attention and improve the game day experience: “A static advertisement doesn’t do the trick … you need to add motion and animation to make it special.”

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