In recent years, LED video scoreboards have become a more realistic option for high schools. These digital scoreboards not only upgrade the game experience for fans at sporting events, but also provide a recruiting tool for athletes — and an advertising and sponsorship tool for athletic programs.

Maximizing the ROI of video scoreboards

The number one concern associated with digital displays is cost. “Big scoreboards are too expensive” or “There’s simply no room in the budget” are common objections. In the past, displays were financially out of reach for most high schools, but recent developments in technology have made displays more attainable.

In fact, these displays actually end up paying for themselves over a short period of time. Every board installed in a football stadium, gymnasium or assembly space is an opportunity for advertising. Take Coffee County Central High School, which received $12,000 in revenue across multiple programs with the use of its video scoreboard — all within the first couple months of the school year.

It's time to reimagine your scoreboard

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It’s not just a school’s bottom line that benefits. Digital displays are a solid investment in your school and students. Students and parents want a well-rounded education experience, both inside and outside of the classroom. LED scoreboards help provide that by enhancing athletics programs and other extracurricular activities. Game days become much more meaningful when parents can see their children’s face on the big screen.

Both public and private establishments compete for students, and to be the “top choice” you must set yourself apart by providing a unique, engaging and tech-forward environment. An eye-catching LED scoreboard that rivals many colleges is a great way to do just that.

Digital displays and athletics are a match made in heaven

Athletic programs are a big deciding factor for many students when vetting a new school. Investing in one or multiple displays is a surefire way to make your campus a top pick.

LED displays send a message to the community about the school’s investment in quality. Those with less sophisticated venues often have their games at more advanced facilities, which means schools with LED video scoreboards can host more events and collect a portion of the ticket proceeds. Not to mention the reinforcement of the school’s reputation as the best in the area.

These displays are also an effective way to draw attention to sports programs that don’t usually get the spotlight. Showcasing cheerleading, dance and smaller team programs is another useful tool for recruiting new students and larger game-day crowds.

If your school’s facilities aren’t large enough to hold all the fans, you can utilize your digital display to host overflow spectators elsewhere on campus. Think of those Friday night football games against your crosstown rival. When your outdoor stadium fills up, fans can head to the gymnasium and enjoy the game streamed live on your indoor display.

Off the field and into the classroom

Benefits aren’t limited to athletic programs, however. LEDs are a great way to highlight fine arts programs and enhance your overall curriculum. You can host movie nights for film clubs, stream band practices or broadcast theater productions.

Try utilizing displays as teaching instruments for day-to-day or after-school organizations. AV clubs can learn and practice using real-world tools, and business or marketing classes get internship-style learning experiences.

Best of all, these displays are fairly easy to use and manage. Simple software like Samsung’s Creative Engine allows students to run both the day-to-day and long-term planning — relieving faculty of additional work or headaches.

Make the leap

Gone are the days of school as we remember it. Digital displays are taking education to new heights and offering benefits for classes, clubs and teams of all shapes and sizes — not to mention, providing major financial opportunities for schools. With more accessible pricing and ease of use, it’s no longer a question of if you should make the leap, but when.

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