Hybrid work is here to stay. In combination with cloud-based apps, mobile devices — and more specifically, foldable mobile devices — are making a successful hybrid workplace more attainable by providing a workspace you can open and close on the go with just a quick flip or fold.

Mobile technology has played an increasing role in the way we work for more than a decade, and the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. Enterprise IT decision-makers and SMB leaders alike must ask themselves: How do we take the next step in creating the most productive, efficient, mobilized workforce?

Samsung launched its first foldable device back in 2019 and has seen increased adoption with each generation since, as our engineers refined both the hardware and the user experience. A survey conducted with Oxford Economics as part of our Maximizing Mobile Value study found that 65% of businesses are planning to equip their teams with foldables within the next four years. It’s clear that new mobile strategies are, well, unfolding.

Mobile is now a must

It’s no longer feasible for businesses to plod along with technology that’s just good enough to get the job done. Employees want greater flexibility, and employers need the right technology to enable collaboration and productivity from anywhere. Laptops will always have their place and serve an important purpose, but foldables like those in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Series are beginning to rival PCs’ capabilities in a much smaller form factor. If your business isn’t adopting mobile technology into your workflows, you’re falling behind the technological curve and missing out on serious business benefits, including:

Mobility and flexibility

Work now means taking video calls, editing documents, collaborating, communicating and accessing everything we need to be productive from wherever we may be. And often, we have to do it all at the same time.

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Multitasking like that requires a device that’s portable yet powerful, and compact without compromise. That’s where Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5 comes into play — literally. Galaxy Z Flip5 has the cool factor, bringing the functionality of Samsung’s smartphones into a pocket-sized powerhouse. When the device is folded shut, a 1.9-inch notification screen keeps you up to speed with the information you need. Inside, Z Flip5 offers Multi-Active Windows so users can work — or play — in two separate apps at once. Or, stand up the device in Flex Mode for hands-free videoconferencing. It’s a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) option employees actually want.

Remember, it’s not just business leaders who can maximize productivity with foldables. Employees and teams can tap into those two crucial factors — mobility and flexibility — with less friction and more fluidity on a foldable device. At Samsung, we’re committed to helping our business customers and their employees become more mobile and more flexible with innovative options.

Device consolidation

Employees are consumers first, so what begins to take hold in our personal lives often becomes a staple in the business world; our work and personal lives intertwine. Everything that makes a foldable appealing to a consumer — the versatility, the functionality, the continuity — also makes it dynamic for a business user.

In the hybrid workplace, toggling between disparate devices interrupts flow and hampers productivity. It’s difficult for anyone to focus when they’re frequently logging in and out, downloading documents and breaking stride to switch devices. If you could consolidate the three most used devices — smartphone, tablet and PC — into one device, you would instantly improve your efficiency.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 is that device. Folded shut, it’s a smartphone. Opened in Flex Mode or laid flat, it expands into a tablet. And connected to a monitor or display using Samsung DeX, it becomes a PC. DeX lets you turn your mobile device into a desktop computer by connecting wirelessly to a monitor. It’s your office, folded in your pocket.

Galaxy Z Fold5 is also compatible with the S Pen, allowing you to navigate with precision while doing daily tasks. Galaxy Z Fold5 stands up for hands-free videoconferencing, and with the Multi-Active Window feature, you can work in up to three apps simultaneously. For example, you can build a PowerPoint presentation while taking notes on a video call, all on mobile. The 7.6-inch workspace gives you more than enough landscape to get your job done where you want, how you want.

Integrated enterprise security

Device consolidation with mobile-powered desktop computing like DeX is music to your IT team’s ears. Fewer devices to secure and manage means fewer access points for cyber threats. Samsung’s foldables also have the defense-grade Knox security platform built in, to keep your business just that — your business. Samsung Knox Vault helps protect the most critical information stored on mobile devices, including PINs, passwords, biometrics, digital certificates, cryptographic keys and other sensitive user data. Meanwhile, users can also manage their own privacy settings through the user-friendly Privacy Dashboard.

Thanks to Samsung’s emphasis on mobile security and innovation, its foldables are becoming more commonplace in both the public and private sectors, from government agencies to financial services firms to healthcare facilities.

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Employee experience

Organizations that adopt new technology early on set the pace for their entire industry. They develop innovative business models, cultivate winning company culture and attract and retain top talent.

Foldables have the hybrid employee experience written all over them. The devices are getting lighter and more powerful at the same time, and developers are increasingly designing their apps to fit the foldable user interface. Microsoft, for example, has optimized its Office Suite — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook — specifically for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5.

Foldables bring the flash and flair of the newest consumer smartphone technology into the workplace, where they can then streamline workflows, keep teams connected and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a mobile device. The result is a workspace in which employees are equipped and empowered to be their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves.

The tools you and your business need to succeed are in the palm of your hand. Let’s unfold the possibilities together.

Sign up for a Samsung Business Account to get exclusive offers, including volume pricing discounts, on Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 today. You can extend your mobility potential even further with this free guide to using Samsung DeX on your new Galaxy device.

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