Professional sports venues have a lot to compete with. High-quality, feature-packed broadcasts are giving fans more reason to stay home and turn on the TV rather than travel to a stadium to watch a game. But nothing can rival the visceral energy of a live event. As venue operators add innovative stadium technology that entices fans to watch the game in person — and even stay afterward — the stadium experience becomes unforgettable.

Samsung is redefining the venue experience at live sporting events through technology. At a modern connected stadium, the difference begins even before fans enter the gates and continues long after the game-winning score at the final whistle. By taking advantage of the latest Samsung stadium technology, venues can enhance the holistic fan journey into a more enjoyable, seamless and memorable event.

Parking and entry

Smart sensors located throughout a venue continuously gather data to deliver real-time information to both fans and operations teams. This efficiently manages crowd flow to eliminate bottlenecks and lengthy lines, which have always been problematic for fans and security teams on game day. For example, LED displays and mobile apps updated in real time inform visitors which entry gates have the shortest line so crowds can get through more easily.

Heavy traffic into the stadium and clustered parking lots can also be remedied with displays directing visitors to available parking spaces, as well as a growing number of on-site charging stations that support electric vehicles (EV) and encourage zero-emission fan travel. Samsung display technology integrated into EV charging kiosks can be programmed to offer helpful information on charge times, venue details, game facts and advertising to increase revenue opportunities.

Arriving inside

Inside a Samsung-enabled venue, real-time data and LED displays work in tandem to create an ecosystem that keeps fans informed, entertained and engaged throughout their visit.

Samsung Kiosk, an innovative, all-in-one, 24-inch touchscreen display solution, which can be placed almost anywhere in the venue, is elevating the fan experience at sporting events by providing smoother entry, more efficient e-commerce and faster food and beverage service.

With digital display technology, fans will no longer become lost among chaotic crowds in busy concourses, as they try to find their seats, concession stands or the restrooms. Bright, high-resolution LED screens display easy-to-see directions and information with dynamic content able to change at a moment’s notice to suit any scenario.

Large video walls deliver an engaging visual feast used to advertise promotional deals at concession stands and shops, attracting the attention of fans who’d otherwise make a beeline for their seats.

It’s easy to measure the impact, too. Sensors around the video wall can count how many people stop and look — and how many pass by — providing advertisers data to calculate their return on investment and devise ways to increase it.

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Watching the game

Taking in the live action at a connected stadium is a whole new experience, too. Vivid video boards and eye-catching center-hung display systems are more impressive than ever, thanks to advanced features like detailed instant replays and interactive messages that entertain the crowd and energize the atmosphere. Through a network of screens and ribbon displays, it maximizes visibility for fans so there’s no such thing as a bad seat in the house.

Modern stadium connectivity is worlds apart from the patchy networks of old. With distributed antenna systems and Wi-Fi 6 technologies, stadiums can now deliver venue-wide coverage. To add another layer of engagement, fans can use their smartphones to check on their fantasy team or take advantage of any virtual and augmented reality technologies designed to interact with what’s happening on the field, court or rink.

Midgame ordering

With video boards and mobile interactions, fans can stay in their seats for as much of the game as possible.

The halftime rush to beat the crowd to the concession stand can be avoided thanks to mobile food and beverage apps enabling fans to preorder for pickup — or, at some venues, have their order delivered right to their seat.

A network of displays situated around a connected stadium can also guide fans to the nearest restrooms or concession stands while providing an estimated wait time. While they wait, fans can watch a live feed of the game on the nearest screen, so they don’t miss a thing.

Fans who want an experience away from their seat can follow wayfinding signage to the stadium’s beer garden or food truck row. That’s important because catching up with friends and family before, during and after the game amplifies the fan experience — and memories of it.

Postgame and heading home

Even when the game ends, the party doesn’t have to. Postgame activities such as fine dining, catching big-screen sports broadcasts at stadium eateries and celebrating victory in dedicated fan zones, encourage fans to extend their experience rather than rush for the exit.

When it’s finally time to head home, LED signage presents clear directions toward the exits so fans can leave the venue without the usual bustle and stress.

With stadium technology providing a synergy between LED displays, real-time data and mobile technology, Samsung continues to redefine the venue experience. Creating a positive, holistic fan experience ensures spectators are excited to come back for more.

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