Wearables have the potential to radically change the restaurant industry by improving customer service and staff productivity. Because servers often juggle dozens of tasks during a shift, even the most experienced and diligent workers can be challenged with remembering what needs to be done. When a server has to take orders from multiple tables while others are waiting on food, it’s easy to forget that yet another table needs a fresh round of drinks.

Wearables with task management applications can now take guesswork out of the equation and automatically inform servers when tasks should be completed. Hipaax TaskWatch and Samsung wearables bring hands-free task management directly to the dining floor, reminding servers when to take orders, deliver food and refill drinks.

During a pilot program at Buffalo Wings & Rings Restaurant in Mason, Ohio, the restaurant was able to boost customer satisfaction and reduce total table time from 67 minutes to 62 minutes. The reduced need for management oversight allowed managers to spend less time communicating with staff and more time visiting with customers, providing a more well-rounded customer experience.

Watch the video below to learn how Buffalo Wings & Rings used wearables to increase customer traffic and improve order efficiency.

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