Mobile workers increasingly want more from their smartphones. No longer are they just a communication device, they are content creation devices and work tools which deliver mobile productivity.

In a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, employees estimated that smartphones boost their mobile productivity by 34 percent, saving them nearly an hour of work time each day. According to a recent Samsung enterprise mobility trends study conducted by GfK Public Communications and Social Science, 58 percent of mobile workers believe that a smartphone screen size of 5.5-inches or larger is best for work productivity.

So combining a large screen with powerful hardware is what enterprise users are demanding — and with the Galaxy Note8, Samsung has delivered a device which offers the flexibility and convenience of a phone with increased computing power for more productivity.

Here are all the ways the Note8 delivers on the mobile productivity trends that are at the forefront of the convergence of mobile-first business and personal lives.

Pen-Enhanced Productivity

The new S Pen integrated into the Note8 offers the precision and sensitivity to allow mobile workers to capture, create and edit content while on the move.

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For example, field services workers can leverage the large screen to fill out electronic forms from anywhere. The S Pen enables mobile workers to annotate and sign off on just as they would if they were lugging around the paper copies in their messenger bags. The new S Pen’s IP68 rating for water and dust resistance also makes it suitable for use in the field.

Data Security

Data security is important for any enterprise worker, and while fingerprint scanning has become standard on many smartphones, biometric security is always advancing.

With the Note8, users can take advantage of the iris scanner to further protect their devices and their data. Combined with data separation like Secure Folder and the Knox Workspace, users can feel safe in the knowledge that only they will be to access their phone and the information stored inside it.

Expandable Storage for Data-Hungry Mobile Users

Expandable storage is important for enterprises that may not want data stored in the cloud for security, compliance or other business reasons. With a 256GB SD card slot, Galaxy Note8 users can easily upgrade their on-board storage to meet their needs.

Take, for example, mobile devices shared between repair technicians who work different shifts supporting manufacturing machinery. During a work shift, the techs may take photos and videos of the machinery they repair to collaborate with coworkers or outside vendors, or just for maintenance records. At the end of the shift, the technician can just pull out their expandable storage card and hand it to the new tech coming on, and they’re ready to start their shift.

Big Screen for Enterprise Mobile Apps

When Samsung launched the 5.3-in. screen on the original Note smartphone in 2011, it was seen as too big for a mobile phone. Today, 5.3 inches is seen as average, and as GfK’s enterprise mobility trends study showed, a lot of workers believe that a smartphone screen size of 5.5-in. or larger is best for work productivity.

However, just 27 percent said they have a phone that big, while 71 percent of mobile workers cited working on a small screen size as a top frustration. The Note8 promises to relieve those frustrations, with a 6.3-in. QHD+ Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels.

The Infinity Display makes it easier to see everything you are working on in crystal clear detail, perfect for preparing charts, refining presentations or working across multiple windows.

Two Windows is Better Than One

To make the most of that big screen, the Galaxy Note8’s App Pair feature allows you to instantly launch two apps side-by-side.

A single tap can launch your email client and Samsung Notes so you can update your presentation with figures emailed by the finance department. Running late for a meeting? By launching the Video Calling and Google Maps apps at once, you can keep track of what’s happening at the meeting while making sure you’re going the right way.

Longer Battery Life and the Ability to Multitask

A great screen, powerful software and top-of-the-line enterprise productivity features can only do so much if your battery runs out half way through your day. Mobile device battery life is a key concern for consumer and enterprise users alike, and all-day battery life is key.

The 3300mAh battery on the Note8 combined with smart software will give even the heaviest of users a full day’s use. When the battery is running low, not only can you recharge it quickly by plugging it in, but the smartphone also supports wireless fast charging.

With all of these combined abilities, the Note8 is setting a new standard in productivity for today’s mobile worker.

Discover how the Galaxy Note8 can bring a new level of productivity to your enterprise.

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