If you are a performance seeking professional that needs a high level of accuracy and smooth, fast-moving content or needs a large amount of screen real estate, than Samsung’s CHG90 Series curved desktop monitor is definitely worth considering; it is super ultra-wide at 49 inches in size!

This monitor is like having two 27-inch monitors! It’s big, but without the extra wires or seams. The CHG90 series also boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio, a high refresh rate and an ultra-fast response time to help deliver a crisp, clear experience that fills your field of view.

Who needs this monitor? Anyone who needs a high-performing large monitor for work: Drone engineers, flight simulator trainers, power plant workers, security offices, transportation and public safety command center employees, spreadsheet-heavy employees, day traders and program or game developers.

This episode of SBTV takes an ultra-wide look at this monitor and how it can help a wide variety of businesses.