Today’s warfighters require real-time access to information, applications and computing power at the mission edge — whether it’s in the cockpit or on the battlefield.

These unique conditions require specialized smartphone and tablet protection from the elements and challenging in-theater environments.

While at AFCEA West, I spoke with Juggernaut’s Chris Stalzer about how the latest advances in ruggedized smartphone and tablet case/mount technology can optimize mission performance. Through Samsung’s partnership with Juggernaut, military-grade phones and tablets can protect devices in some of the harshest operating environments on Earth.

“We actually go out in the field prior to launch to test these devices to make sure everything works properly,” Stalzer said.

We were able to see these ruggedized, body-mounted solutions on display in the AFCEA booth thanks to MAXIMUMS, a solution Juggernaut built for Samsung.

According to Stalzer, protection is more than keeping your phone operational if it drops out of a tank: it’s about creating solutions that truly integrate with warfighter equipment so technology acts as a mission enabler and not a distraction. Thi is true whether you’re a pilot entering coordinates on a tablet or special operations command strategizing tactical plans.

Watch the video to see Samsung and Juggernaut’s ruggedized mobile devices up close.