The spotlight was on immersive content at NAB 2018 — from its potential to how filmmakers and creatives can use it to tell more impactful stories, to where it will go in the future.

To learn more, I spoke with Jason Thibeault, executive director of the Streaming Video Alliance, to get his thoughts about immersive content and what the future of streaming video looks like.

According to Thibeault, it’s not exactly easy to explain.

“It’s something we don’t have a language yet to describe,” he said. “The type of storytelling VR is going to take shape in is going to be different than what we’re watching today in online video or broadcast television.”

According to Thibeault, this medium offers a unique opportunity for storytelling — and an interesting inflection point in the film and broadcast space as a result of VR and 360 video.

“Sports are a fantastic use case for VR,” Thibeault explained. “It’s a way to immerse people in the experience itself. No longer are you stuck with one camera angle or one perspective. You can actually be inside the sport itself, which is great for fan engagement.”

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