We continue to live and work in an era where you expect to be connected and productive every minute of the day. While we aim to balance priorities between work and personal life, this split is no longer by whether we’re at home or the office — or the time of day. The line is irrevocably blurred. We’re constantly switching between our tasks; one minute we’re preparing a presentation, the other we’re scheduling a doctor’s appointment — or something more exciting, like booking tickets to a Broadway show. That shift needs to be seamless. It needs to be easy. Missing a beat isn’t an option.

But this shift isn’t just about how technology is changing our lives. Its also about how technology is creating new opportunities for businesses. And it also represents an era of massive disruption, where Mobile isn’t the only technology impacting business. We need to think about how 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and so many other emerging forms of technology are fundamentally shifting the way we work, live and interact with one another.

There has been a shift in global economic activity, with mobile and other technologies driving this disruption. It’s a time when only businesses that are open — to new ideas, new ways of working and new partnerships — will thrive.

At Samsung, we’ve coined the expression “Next Mobile Economy” as a shorthand for how new and emerging technologies are going to change business in ways we may not even be able to grasp today.

We believe the Next Mobile Economy is a revolution for business. New technologies now enable businesses, and their employees, to work in ways that were just not possible even a few years ago. Businesses that take advantage of these new ways of working and evaluate and evolve their business models will be positioned to succeed.

Embrace the Next Mobile Economy

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From the continual rise of mobile workers to the growing demand for customized mobile solutions to the need for better security and collaboration in business, this new era represents a huge opportunity to stake a claim in this still uncharted territory.

Businesses and employees need tools to make that happen, whether they’re popping into a collaborative huddle space or taking conference calls from the airport (something I have done more times than I’d like to admit).

The Phone Must Be Much More in the Next Mobile Economy

Recently, we launched the new, super powerful Samsung Galaxy Note9. If you’re looking for a way to empower your workforce to get more done and stay productive, wherever you are, you need a tool like the Galaxy Note9.

Take the S Pen, a feature that is synonymous with the Note line. If my screen is off, I can pop out my S Pen and jot down a note from a conference call using screen-off memo. I can mark up a document from the back of a cab without having to take out my laptop.

And there are a bevy of other features that help maximize productivity. Take the S Pen’s Bluetooth capabilities. I can now use the S Pen as a remote control while giving a presentation — no more fumbling with clickers or connections. It’s that simple. When combined with Samsung DeX, I’m ready to go in just seconds. Instead of using the first ten minutes of a meeting to figure out technology, we can get right down to work. And that’s what matters.

The Galaxy Note9 is truly enterprise ready. The all-day battery really does last all day. I can leave my apartment in the morning, head to a full day of meetings at our office in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey and still have enough battery life to make it through an after-work dinner back in the city. I don’t have to stop to find an outlet or connect to a portable battery pack; I can spend my day focusing on the things that move our business forward.

The Galaxy Note9 is built for the next generation of achievers. For someone like me, having my productivity limited while on the go is unimaginable — I simply couldn’t work without a phone like the Galaxy Note9. And your employees shouldn’t have to either.

Learn how the Note9 with its new S Pen can power your mobility, your productivity and your business.

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