As part of I/ITSEC, Samsung is proud to partner with Booz Allen Hamilton to highlight next-generation immersive experiences and to deliver new technologies including augmented, virtual and mixed realities (AR, VR and MR) that strengthen military readiness. Integral to the partnership, Samsung will co-host a reception with Booz Allen that will take place on Wednesday, November 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Rock Spring Room at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. The reception will follow after the day’s events of the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training demonstrations and discussions.

The reception promises to be especially exciting as attendees will get to see firsthand the end-to-end ecosystem of Samsung 5G networking solutions that will power next-generation training experiences.

More importantly, you’ll learn how these solutions can enable military leaders to take their mission to the edge. Coupled with 5G speed, capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI), immersive content and machine learning will power new mission capabilities through the delivery of dynamic simulation experiences.

Specifically, you will get to experience:

Delivering Next-Generation Immersive Experiences to the Mission’s Edge

Learn how Samsung 5G capabilities can deliver connected, immersive content to the tactical edge through mobile devices at the speed and scale required by service members. We will be displaying Samsung 5G networking hardware as well as our Gear VR headsets, allowing you to give virtual reality a test run.

Mobilizing an Immersive Training Ecosystem for DoD

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance 360 Content Capture

Take in the event from every angle through the Samsung 360 Round camera alongside the Booz Allen Immersive Pathfinder for a 360-degree experience. Experience the power of immersive technologies by seeing how 360-degree video captured by a drone can be used with AI to view select areas and identify objects, behaviors and teams in real time.

Virtual Reality and Machine Learning

What is possible when VR training environments are enhanced with machine learning capabilities? Find out as Booz Allen demonstrates the Tabletop Commander created for the U.S. Army, running on the Samsung Odyssey tethered headset. This will be an opportunity to see how Department of Defense (DoD) can take training to the next level, without having to risk trainee safety.

Lastly, the reception will allow you to visit with thought leaders, service principals and industry leaders and peers — featuring Rear Admiral James Robb (retired), president of the National Training and Simulation Association.

Mobility is ushering in a new era of immersive training that can bring AR, VR and MR training to DoD personnel and troops anytime, anywhere. Rapid advancements in 5G chipsets and network connectivity will underpin increasingly realistic, mobile-based virtual simulations that can prepare users for real-world experiences. Faster speeds, greater capabilities, lower cost and enhanced security will help DoD train their personnel safely and stay mission-capable. Join us at the reception and see the power of these immersive technologies combined with mobile capabilities.

Learn more about how mobile is powering immersive capabilities for government.

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