Federal government agencies are looking to mobile advancements to drive their much-needed digital transformations. The Department of Defense (DoD), in particular, is facing an increasingly complex set of challenges as the U.S. Armed Forces operate in a new era of increasing asymmetric warfare where multidomain conflicts span land, air, sea, space and now cyber.

Technology is at the heart of addressing this challenge, and DoD is aggressively advancing IT modernization and digitization initiatives. Their goals are to ensure service members are fully prepared and appropriately equipped, and to protect mission critical systems and data.

One thing that these efforts have in common is that mobility is the key to enabling greater capabilities for those putting their lives on the line for our nation. As DoD CIO Dana Deasy recently said, “Mobility is a way of life. The fact is that it permeates every aspect of our life. … And I think the reality is that the warfighter is going to need mobility out at the tactical edge … so I see it as an integral part of the future.”

Samsung has developed an ecosystem of advanced mobility solutions that is letting DoD and other federal agencies explore technological advancements from the flightline to the frontline. Whether it’s providing tactical operators with custom smartphones that can deliver greater situational awareness and act as a force multiplier, or using tablets to support medical care for active soldiers and veterans, mobile solutions are helping DoD transform mission operations.

We are proud to help DoD enhance productivity and work more safely, and to support military efforts that aim to preserve peace and lead to a safer and more secure world.

Discover how DoD is deploying mobile technologies to enhance and streamline tactical operations.