For most business operators, every dollar spent matters. So when you’re considering investing in new technologies like digital signage, you understandably want to know the expected return on investment (ROI).

Samsung’s new Pro TV — an all-in-one digital signage solution made for versatile business use — has at least seven key attributes for delivering a tangible financial ROI through increased sales and lowered operating costs, as well as through softer measures like boosted customer experiences and reduced operating complications.

1. Priced right for any industry

Typical digital signage systems require multiple components and use technologies engineered for high-demand commercial and industrial applications. With a professional-grade display, a separate media player and sophisticated management software, operating costs can quickly go over budget.

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The Samsung Pro TV solution includes an affordable 4K display with built-in Wi-Fi and an embedded media player for visual messaging, as well as content management, creative and control software. That software has been simplified so that anything you need to do can be done from just a smartphone or tablet. The Crystal UHD display delivers a vibrant, crisp and clear picture with four times the resolution of regular HD displays.

2. Installation is a breeze

Pro TV is a self-contained system; the media player and network connectivity elements are inside the display. There’s only one cable to plug in: the one for power. That streamlined design speeds up installation and reduces cost by removing third-party installers. The mounting requirements are the same as those for home TVs, meaning any handy person could easily do the job on their own. Software activation is as simple as adding the Business TV app, which will interact with the Pro TV display.

3. Visually dynamic

Pro TVs make the most of the finite messaging positions in a shop, waiting room, service counter or reception area. Motion visuals attract more attention than print — one Pro TV display can replace a single printed poster with a message rotation full of motion graphics, videos and images. The content management app includes more than 100 customizable creative templates that generate professional-looking motion messages, so users don’t need to have any design or tech skills to create dynamic content for their customers.

4. Power in your hands

Pro TV users manage everything about their on-premises digital signage displays from a complication-free smartphone app that they can use anywhere. The app, which has Android and iOS versions, was designed to make managing on-site displays as simple as possible for busy business owners and operators. In three easy steps, they can use their smartphone to upload dynamic, eye-catching content to one or several Pro TVs. That’s all it takes.

5. Drive timely sales

QSR chains and other types of national and regional dining establishments were early adopters of digital signage technology, which has allowed them to change menus by time of day, to easily add and remove menu items without printing anything and to use motion visuals to attract customer views and stimulate sales.

Pro TV makes that same kind of technology available to other sorts of businesses, including small and local operators, cutting costs and complications. Local owners and managers can change daily specials and promotions on displays instantly, via the smartphone app, without even leaving the dining area.

6. Boost guest experiences

Experience is now a touchstone for just about any business that interacts with customers, particularly in a physical space.

In hotels, for example, Pro TVs help deliver on positive guest experiences — welcoming groups as they arrive, directing people to meeting and event rooms and sending guests to on-site food and beverage operations.

Designated hotel staff, equipped with the app, can make changes to displays instantly, without needing to get to the computer back in an office.

7. Make services count

Pro TVs can be used by customer-facing businesses of all kinds to raise awareness and directly influence purchases of optional, high-margin services.

Displays in waiting and check-in areas can market special offers and new options. Businesses ranging from auto service operators to healthcare providers can use the displays to cycle through a content mix that includes evergreen, always-relevant messaging about anything from battery checks to scheduling annual physicals.

Softer Measures

Not every benefit can be easily measured and assessed in ROI modeling. Well-positioned, visually engaging displays also have many soft, less tangible benefits.

One of the most touted values of digital signage is its ability to deliver the right messages at just the right place and moment. With Pro TV, that ability is now available to businesses of all kinds.

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