As consumers become more comfortable with a return to in-person shopping, brick-and-mortar retailers have to accept a new reality: The retail landscape will never return to pre-pandemic norms. The old ways of doing business simply don’t cut it anymore.

According to research and media firm Digital Commerce 360, e-commerce sales rose an average 21.9 percent from January 2020 to June 2021. Digital sales alone accounted for nearly a quarter of retail spending growth. E-commerce provides a level of convenience and personalization that consumers enjoy — and are becoming accustomed to. In order for brick-and-mortar retailers to continue attracting customers, they must find innovative ways to entice them into the store.

To accomplish this task, savvy retailers are turning to brilliant, durable LED signage, explains Kelly Ruffoni, director of channel sales at Samsung Electronics America.

“Outdoor digital signage can help catch the attention of potential customers who may not see their other forms of advertising on different platforms,” says Ruffoni. “Digital signage helps attract vehicle traffic from new customers, and generates foot traffic into their locations by showing what they offer right outside of their doors.”

How retailers are using outdoor LED signage

Retailers that opt for LED signage have ample opportunities to connect with customers and increase revenue. Stores can use outdoor displays to announce sales, promote loyalty programs and communicate their brand mission.

Independently owned businesses, for instance, are often pillars of their community. With outdoor LED, small brands can engage directly with their neighbors through community-focused messages — congratulating the high school swim team on their big win, or thanking teachers and first responders for their service by offering them a discount. These small, meaningful messages go a long way in establishing independent businesses as part of the social fabric.

On the other end of the spectrum, retail digital signage can be as big and bright as your imagination. At Nashville’s Fifth and Broadway multipurpose development — featuring a high-rise tower, outdoor music venue and brick-and-mortar shops — developers installed a network of outdoor and indoor LED screens. The displays welcome people to the complex, share branded messages and ultimately add to the vibrancy of the area.

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At the Fashion Show shopping mall on the Las Vegas strip, shoppers are invited to take selfies in their favorite outfits and upload them to an Instagram page. These photos are then shared on large, custom-built LED column displays at the mall’s entrance, engaging those shoppers and other visitors with fun, conversation-starting content.

Fashion brand H&M also utilizes custom-built outdoor LED signage to stand out. The brand invited shoppers to try on their clothes and walk a runway inside their flagship store, while being photographed. H&M then formatted the photos to be displayed on their Times Square digital billboards, notifying participants of when their photos would appear. The marketing strategy was wildly popular with fans, who shared their photos and positive experiences on social media and by word of mouth.

A customizable display solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Samsung’s latest addition to its outdoor LED display portfolio is the XPR-B, a line of flexible, all-in-one display solutions designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Besides its sleek style and slim 5-inch cabinet depth, the XPR-B is built to weather the elements, with a unique ventilation system built into the front face of the display. This vent system eliminates the need for side and rear airflow requirements, and allows the cabinet to be mounted flush against a wall. In other words, viewers see the content on the screen, not the hardware. XPR-B displays are available in single and double face models.

“The XPR-B also comes with cloud-based, cellular-connected software,” Ruffoni adds, “[which] allows end users to make playlists and schedule messages and graphics, all while looking exceptionally clear to oncoming vehicle traffic from hundreds of feet away.”

As consumer trends continue to evolve and operators continue to adapt, one thing remains constant: Brands must find new and meaningful ways to connect with their customers, or risk losing their loyalty — while also attracting new customers. Outdoor LED signage can help by providing up-to-date information and interactive experiences with a wow factor. Businesses can use Samsung’s XPR-B series as an advertising platform to broadcast current specials while also nurturing a deeper connection with their community — all of which makes a brand more valued and memorable.

“Right now is the best time to buy outdoor signage because the pandemic has shown us how important advertising outside of a business can be,” Ruffoni says. “Having outdoor signage helps show customers that your business is changing to fit their needs.”

Find everything you need to know about choosing your LED displays for optimal viewing — indoors and out — in this free comprehensive guide. And explore Samsung’s full lineup of innovative direct view LED displays, designed for crisp, vibrant imagery in any weather, on any budget.

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