Casinos were some of the hardest-hit hospitality venues in 2020 and 2021, but things are looking up. According to a recent U.S. Travel Association spending forecast, Americans are projected to spend $911 billion on travel in 2022 — 22 percent higher than 2020, and just shy of the $994 billion spent in 2019. Domestic travel spending is expected to fully bounce back by 2024, topping $1 trillion.

Now is the time to prepare for guests’ enthusiastic return. It’s critical for hospitality leaders to reimagine the guest experience, providing a sophisticated environment focused on convenience and safety. Digital signage can serve as an integral part of your “welcome back” strategy. Here’s how casinos can use digital signage solutions to educate, inform and entertain guests with moments that wow them throughout their stay.

Attract visitors with outdoor signage on the building’s exterior

Branding begins long before guests ever set foot on the property. Casinos can use outdoor digital signage to entice potential guests who are driving or walking by. Signage can showcase pertinent information such as room rates, visiting artists, big games or daily specials at the restaurant. Samsung offers a variety of outdoor signage solutions that can deliver everything from a welcome message to dynamic photos and videos.

Set the brand tone in the entryway

As guests arrive and check in, they’re a captive audience — why not give them something interesting to look at?

Impress your guests with digital signage

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In addition to paid branding opportunities, lobby signage can highlight the city’s history, scenic beauty or nightlife. At Sycuan Casino Resort in San Diego, visitors at the registration desk are greeted with a 32-by-16-inch direct view LED video wall displaying aerial views and iconic scenes of the city. Meanwhile the Sahara Las Vegas boasts a dazzling 60-foot Samsung UD series video wall that rotates vivid imagery behind the check-in desk, setting the tone for the hotel’s sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Dazzle guests with sportsbook video walls

The heart of any casino is its sportsbook, where patrons might spend hours betting on live sporting events. Spaces like these lend themselves to large-format digital signage, such as high-impact video walls that allow guests to see every detail — not just the referee calls but each player’s facial expressions and the beads of sweat on their forehead.

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada renovated its renowned sportsbook with Samsung’s The Wall, formatted into a 110-foot-wide digital sportsbook display. The massive, curved, fine-pitch LED video wall is configured in panels that can be viewed individually as or as a whole.

As they enter the space, guests are immediately awed by the sheer size and clarity of the display. This kind of large-format project may seem daunting — especially in one of the most heavily trafficked and profit-generating areas of the casino — but Peppermill’s installation was completed in less than 10 days, without shutting the area down.

Stay connected with hospitality TVs in guest rooms

Guest room TVs can up the ante by acting as private concierges. At Sahara Las Vegas, guests can use their Samsung 55-inch Smart Hospitality TV to do everything from ordering room service to perusing resort activity schedules to viewing their loyalty rewards — all easily accessible with the remote control. The user interface is customized for each guest so they feel like a VIP. With a couple of clicks, they can also choose from a variety of movies and on-demand programming.

Sycuan, too, equipped its guest rooms with 49-inch Samsung Hospitality TVs, each featuring a system-on-chip (SoC) intelligent media quad core processor. Not only does this streamline guest rooms — a serious upgrade from heavy, box-style TVs — it also allows Sycuan to customize their branded content and push it to every device. The screens tie into the hotel management system to enable personalized welcomes. And the management team works with the marketing and food service teams to promote other customized content such as dining offers.

Educate and inform on the casino floor

The layout of your casino may be confusing and even overwhelming to new visitors — but this is easily addressed with digital signage. Not only can displays be used for wayfinding, but they can also celebrate big winners and inform guests about the casino’s ongoing activities, conferences and entertainment.

Entice diners with menu boards at bars and restaurants

Once guests have arrived at an on-site dining facility or food court, digital menu boards save time and money — eliminating printed menus as well as the time, labor and safety concerns associated with changing static signage. With digital menu boards, operators can instantly remove menu items, promote daily specials, update prices and highlight specific products according to the weather. Displays can also be used in the back of house to reinforce important safety and human resources messaging.

As both business and leisure travelers return to their adventurous ways, casinos have an opportunity to connect with guests in new, compelling ways. With immersive signage that makes the guest experience fun and memorable, operators can make their casino a go-to destination for travelers in search of memorable moments.

Configure and tailor your displays’ messaging in real time with an integrated content management system (CMS) using this free beginner’s guide. And discover Samsung’s full lineup of hospitality-grade TVs, designed to deliver a more engaging and fulfilling guest experience wherever you need it.

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