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Are 2-in-1s the Ultimate Productivity Tool for Business Users?

When selecting a mobile computing device for yourself or your team, you want technology that will maximize efficiency during the day no matter what you’re working on, or where you are.

The latest 2-in-1 devices deliver extreme flexibility and portability, all backed by the processing power of a full-fledged laptop. The net result is a high degree of productivity for users across all types of industries.

Here are six roles in which 2-in-1s particularly excel and can rightly be described as the ultimate productivity tool:

1. Road Warrior: You need a mobile office that keeps up with your business needs no matter where you are. The 2-in-1 brings a full keyboard and enough power to dip into the company CRM, crunch big spreadsheets and process sales reports. It’s also a light, sleek device that can be used to easily review documents and respond to emails in the cab, at the airport or a coffee shop.

2. Retail Store Manager: For you, productivity means being able to simultaneously manage a range of complex tasks, from ordering inventory to coordinating personnel and maintaining financial records. Here the 2-in-1 shines, with ample processing capabilities and a keyboard. At the same time, you’re also consistently needed on the floor. In tablet mode, the 2-in-1 lets you work in handheld mode to process customer payments, check inventory and collaborate with associates.

3. Wealth Manager: You’re reviewing financial products, tracking markets, perusing literature and staying updated on industry regulations. For all of this, you need the 2-in-1’s high-caliber processing capabilities. Additionally, the tablet’s form factor encourages engagement within client interactions, when you’re reviewing portfolio performance charts, signing documents or authorizing transfers.

4. Insurance Claims Assessor: Constantly on the go, you’re balancing diverse tasks to collect, organize, research and analyze data. The tablet mode lets you easily take high-resolution pictures and mark them up with necessary information. It’s also a great way to sign off on documents and file reports on-site. As a laptop, the 2-in-1 lets you do the heavier lifting: Generating reports and composing emails, researching data and running actuarial programs with the use of an AMOLED screen and keyboard.

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5. Hospitality Professionals: From the front desk to the kitchen or the supply closet, you may spend hours on the go. It’s important to be able to get quality work done from anywhere, whether that means managing employee schedules, designing brochures or coordinating events. Furthermore, you also need a convenient tablet format to jot down quick notes, check reservation details and collaborate over menus with the dining staff.

6. Real Estate Agent: In real estate, you want to use your time wisely and maximize home sales. A 2-in-1 device delivers on the need for a laptop-quality compute experience, paired with a tablet’s sleek form factor for easy collaboration. With the tablet, you can take pictures of homes, review listings with clients and capture signatures from anywhere. Then you can get down to work in laptop mode: email bankers, complete regulatory paperwork, create open house flyers and update listings.

For each of these users, the latest 2-in-1s offer a compelling case for device-driven productivity. With the right equipment, it’s possible to do laptop-grade work — keyboard-enabled, with enough processing power to crunch through big images, spreadsheets and back end systems — while still having the flexibility to work while on the move.

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