Tactical teams and special operators face formidable challenges in increasingly distributed battlefields and areas of operation — including complex terrain, expansive distances between troops and loss of communication with command.

To address these unique issues, Samsung created the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition — a tailor-made solution customized to the specific needs of tactical forces. The device features a preconfigured software suite that delivers enhanced communications, navigation, mapping, surveillance, reconnaissance, battlefield coordination and geospatial information. Backed by Samsung Knox, the Tactical Edition is purpose-built for classified environments where sensitive data needs to be protected at all times.

Whether held in the palm of the hand, integrated into the uniform or mounted to equipment, Tactical Edition pairs with common tactical radios and peripherals to communicate and share mission-critical data in real time. Common use cases for the solution include:

  • Speeding command and control (C2) decision-making through access to streamlined and advanced communications, including geographic information system (GIS) mapping, site survey, radio controls, web browsing, chat and more.
  • Ensuring troop safety with Blue Force Tracking (BFT) capabilities that monitor enemy and friendly force movement.
  • Enhanced situational awareness through geospatial applications such as the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) and Kinetic Integrated Low-Cost Software Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld (KILSWITCH) for overall improved battlefield coordination and agility.

The Tactical Edition harnesses the strength of defense-grade security with the flexibility of commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices so service members and leaders alike can enhance tactical operations and mission outcomes.

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