Mobile devices moved from novelty to a daily fixture in consumers’ lives with lightning speed. Now the same thing is happening in retail: Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is poised to be in place at more than half of retailers by the end of 2019, according to RIS News. The mobile payment system is quickly becoming a consumer expectation.

Retailers like mPOS for the same reason consumers do: It short-circuits one of biggest the reasons a shopper avoids a store — the prospect of standing in line to pay. Consumers often increase their market baskets beyond the items they came in to buy. When they can quickly move from selecting their items to walking out the door, there’s no time for second thoughts or abandoned carts. Thus, mPOS boosts revenue: In fact, IHL Group reported 92 percent higher sales growth for retailers providing staff with mPOS.

Finding the Right Device

The need for mPOS is obvious, but the right choice of device is not always clear. Retail environments can be tough on technology, making ruggedized devices a great fit. This is especially the case when those devices may be exposed to outdoor environments: garden centers, sidewalk sales, farmers markets, tent events and so on. But even indoor retail has its hazards — drops, dust, liquids, etc. — that can affect device performance and lifespan.

Rugged devices are not all created equal. Retailers need one that is ruggedized only to their standards instead of one engineered for fire resistance and other extreme conditions. An over-engineered device introduces unnecessary cost and may be more difficult to use.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active Pro was designed with challenging environments in mind. Here are six reasons the Tab Active Pro can handle the demands of retail.

1. It’s Rugged

The Tab Active Pro was designed with military specifications in mind. It was tested both to MIL-STD-810G standard and IP68 certification. A retail store isn’t a battlefield, but those specs mean it can stand up to water, dust and debris. Store owners won’t have to worry about it being accidentally sprayed with water in a plant nursery, dusted with powdered detergent from a damaged carton or dropped onto a concrete floor. The battery is robust as well, humming along for up to 15 hours, so it keeps working continuously without the need to stop for a battery swap. In the event you ever do run out the battery, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro has a field-replaceable one.

2. It’s Designed for the Job

The great thing about mobile is that associates can carry it anywhere. That’s why Samsung took extra care to design the Tab Active Pro for long shifts and varied conditions. A bright screen means the associate can take it outdoors without degrading visibility. An S Pen allows associates to get customer sign-off on a special order. It even works on those cold days selling outdoor Christmas trees, because associates can effortlessly use the Tab Active Pro with gloves on.

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3. It’s Mobile Payment-Ready

The Tab Active Pro comes with near field communication (NFC) built in — no other hardware required. U.S. merchants have been behind the curve in adopting contactless transactions, but change is finally coming. Visa alone has supported the issuing of 100 million contactless Visa-branded cards in the U.S. market. NFC enables retailers to offer the ultimate in payment convenience.

4. It Keeps Your Data Secure

The Tab Active Pro is built on the Samsung Knox platform, which means it offers multilayered security starting at the chip. Your sensitive customer and business data is protected with advanced and comprehensive security around the clock — even if it gets lost or stolen outside the four walls of the store.

5. It‘s Easy to Manage

Samsung offers a whole suite of mobile device management (MDM) services, so it’s easy to enroll, configure and manage your mPOS devices as if they were one. You can even remotely update the firmware.

6. It Works Without Wi-Fi

The Tab Active Pro is available with LTE in addition to Wi-Fi. So it keeps transactions flowing and customers moving even when the associate roams outside the four walls, whether that’s out in the parking lot or across town. Devices are always connected to the applications, data and processing services that keep business moving.

Standing Up to Retail

Retail environments are more rough-and-tumble than they look — especially when they include outdoor spaces. A purpose-built rugged device such as the Tab Active Pro is designed to stand up to the wear and tear, making them ideal mPOS platforms for any environment. Together with retail-friendly features like NFC, easy management and robust security, the Tab Active Pro is a great fit to help retailers satisfy customers’ fast-growing demand for mPOS — and drive revenue in the process.

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